Is Exercise The Fountain of Youth?

As we age we run into many of the same challenges.  Our workouts are not
as vigorous as they used to be, or we do not have the stamina for as
prolonged a workout.  If you have never been in the habit of working out
you will find yourself stiffening at the joints, having lower back pain, just a general slowing down and feeling old.  

Does it have to be like that?  Can you exercise your way to the fountain
of youth and vitality?  Yes you can.  Your age does not matter in the
least.  An 80-year-old woman can workout just like any 20-yea- old man
and meet his or her own goals.

At 20 we all want six-pack abs and rock-hard gluts.  We want to feel and
be seen as sexy and desirable.  We want people of the same sex to look
at us and be jealous.  All of this is to make ourselves feel better
about who and what we are.  There is nothing wrong with that. When was
the last time an attractive woman told you she would rather be with a
guy that is flabby and weak over a strong man?  Never!

When you are 50-60, or older, you start to worry about your daily
mobility, heart attacks and how to prevent them, and living
independently for as long as possible.  Rock-hard abs gives way to
wanting less sag, getting awesome oblique’s gives way to wanting less
low back pain. Continue reading Is Exercise The Fountain of Youth?

Acia Berry – Can It Help You Get Flat Abs

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December, 11 2008

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How can a little berry help you get the six pack abs you want?   Is all of
the hype around the acai berry just that: hype and B.S.?  Let me tell you
some of the scientific facts and health related issues that surround the
subject and you can be the judge for yourself. FYI – This stuff is being
pumped by the Oprah show like crazy.

With today’s diets declining in nutritional value and the fact we eat much
less fruits and vegetables. The acai berry is coming on strong. It is found
atop towering palm tree in the tropical rainforest in South America. It
boasts a wide range of nutrients and has become a celebrity as
mentioned above on oprah.

The tribal leaders and healers used this berry to increase health, vitality,
longevity, strength, energy and stamina. It was the all around king of

The acai berry has been a major part of the diets of the peoples in the
Amazon for centuries.  It grows in abundance and can be used in
dozens of ways as a food source in this poor region.  It has been
researched extensively as a health supplement, food dye, contrast agent
for MRI’s, and as a cancer fighting agent. Continue reading Acia Berry – Can It Help You Get Flat Abs