Foods That Help You Relax

Foods That Help You Relax

Humans today are living strecatssful lives. The fast paced lives we lead leave us with little time to relax our drained out bodies and fatigued nerves. More often than not we are rushing against time, to keep appointments. The pressure of our busy lives begins to show on us. We become irritable and feel completely stressed out. How do you deal with this daily turmoil? Is there a simple way to totally overcome stress? The answer to this is – there is! Food can help in conquering high stress levels and make you relax.

Why Food?

It is a known fact that food satiates and nourishes the body; but that is not all that it does. Food has other qualities too. Certain foods can act as a balm that soothes harried nerves. These are not difficult to find exotic foods, rather everyday foods that are easily available in almost every kitchen and grocery store. Here is a list of some of the most common foods that relax the body and mind.

Dark Chocolate

Most people like chocolate. The good news is that chocolate can help you soothe your stressed out nerves. Chocolate especially the dark variety is an excellent stress buster. It is rich in tryptophan, a compound with almost magical stress relieving properties. Tryptophan present in dark chocolate assists the body in producing serotonin. Serotonin is a natural compound that helps in calming stressed out nerves. Research indicates that chocolate elevates levels of certain amino acids in the brain that actually help in alleviating the mood. Eating a small piece of dark chocolate can lower levels of stress causing hormones immensely.

Chocolate in other forms can also do the trick. Though the high sugar levels can be a reason for concern if you are trying to watch your weight or suffer from diabetes. Reach out for a piece of chocolate the next time you feel physically and mentally exhausted. Continue reading Foods That Help You Relax