A Full Assessment Of Harmful Oil Products Consumers Use Every Day

By David Grisaffi

The debate over whether or not canola oil is harmful is taken a clear turn. This debate continued as two sides of the spectrum reviewed contradicting information. On one side it was said that the oil is harmless due to the increased volume of omega 3 oils that were blended into the product during the manufacturing process. On the other, it has been proven that this oil is was originally the creation of a Canadian resident that product that was later genetically modified. These studies show that the oil product is available through the Monsanto Corporation that is known to manufacture products that are filled with harmful hormones and additives. According to reports, the product is, in fact, harmful based on specific product testing. The following details present clear reasoning for Why Canola Oil is bad.

How is Canola Oil Created?

Canola oil is generated from wild rapeseed oil. This oil is known to possess erucic acid in higher than average quantities. The modifications for this product make it possible to offer it to consumers at a lower quantity of the erucic acid. However, over time, consumers will continue to experience the adverse health problems associated with the oil product. Additionally, this product was created to use as a non-food base option. It is included in products that could become toxic if it is ingested. This includes candles, lubricants, insecticides, and even biofuels. Due to the lower saturated fats in the oil as well as healthy fatty acids, manufacturers have praised it as a super food that improves health. However, the use of the products in dangerous products prove otherwise.

What are the Most Common Reasons that It is Bad for Consumers?

The most common reasons that show that the product is dangerous is the fact that it isn’t a pure oil. It is genetically modified and is considered refined. The product is also hydrogenated and could increase the risk of serious health-related developments. According to studies that show the presence of an increase in health-related risks, it is as harmful as soy-based and corn-based products that contain GMOs.

What is Monsanto’s Role in Creating a Dangerous Product?

With the increase of genetic modification for products, Monsanto has been assessed more thoroughly. According to reports, among the top products that are sold widely and genetically modified include canola oil, corn, alfalfa, cotton, wheat, and soybeans. Each of these products contain genetically modified organisms that could increase the risk of serious diseases for consumers. They can also generate even further negative effects on the body that could increase the consumer’s weight quickly and lead to even more dire circumstances. With no real laws to control the use of GMOs, the federal government cannot determine what amount of these organisms present the greatest risks to consumers.

What are the Dangerous Effects of Canola Oil?

The first health risk discovered with the indications of kidney and liver diseases. The studies conducted in associated with these vital organs show heightened levels of GMOs found in this oil that generate lasting negative effects. This includes the body’s inability to flush harmful toxins from the body.

Next, these studies show that consumers who use this oil are at a greater risk of developing cardiovascular disease. This could present a higher risk of heart attack and stroke. They show that consumption of rapeseed oil in any form are more likely to lower the consumer’s longevity and place them at a greater risk of experiencing a fatal cardiac episode. They could also develop hypertension and increase their risks of heart disease even further.

The use of this oil can also lead to major changes in the growth process. This could equate to abnormal development for children. They could also experience more restricted development if they consume the oil during infancy. The consumers could also develop life-threatening allergies as well as suppress their immune system.

Consumers who want to learn more about why canola oil is bad for them can review further studies about food products containing GMOs. These products present them with a higher risk of kidney, liver, and heart-related diseases based on consumption levels. These oils are genetically modified and praised as super foods. Consumers who need further information read more here now.