Flattening Your Abs after Childbirth

Being a new mother is not an easy job. Besides being on call 24×7 for
the baby, your self-image takes a beating as you look at yourself in
the mirror- the svelte pre-pregnancy figure has disappeared and worse,
its showing no signs of returning! Do not fret and do not be too hard
on yourself. Flattening your abdomen after childbirth and getting back
your flat tummy will take dedication and regular exercise but this
should always be done in consultation with your doctor or midwife. It
is even more important to do this if you have had a Caesarian.

Your abdominal muscles get split down the middle during pregnancy and
it is important that they have completely healed before you start on
an exercise regimen. According to doctors weak stomach muscles lead to
poor posture which, in turn, is responsible for lower back pain,
sciatica, joint pain and inflammation. So, flattening your abdomen
after childbirth is not only essential for looking good but is
important for your overall health.

Since stomach muscles are still tender after childbirth, stomach
exercises like crunches, jackknifes, roll-ups, roll-overs,
crisscrosses and other exercises which require the spine to extend and
flex should be avoided immediately after delivery and more so, after a
Caesarian operation. Meanwhile you can start with gentle stomach
exercises in consultation with your doctor and gradually progress to
more vigorous exercises. Swimming, walking, yoga, aqua-aerobics are
some other gentler exercise options.

Tips to flattening your abdomen after childbirth

• Lying on your back with knees bent, pull in your tummy in such
a way that the back of your waist is pressing against the bed and your
pubic bone is rocking up. Then relax and feel your pubic bone rock

• You can do this exercise more vigorously once your muscles get
stronger by holding onto the same position but lifting your head and
trying to touch your knees with your hands simultaneously. If your
muscles are not strong enough they will bulge while doing this set and
this is a sign that your muscles are not yet ready for this step.

• To strengthen the muscles which help you do sideways bending,
the position should be lying on your back with one leg straight and
the other knee bent. Your hand should be lying gently on your stomach
just above the straight leg. Now, try lengthening the straight leg by
stretching your heel taking care not to move your bent knee. Keeping
your knee straight and shortening the leg, pull your heel slowly
towards you and feel the muscle tighten under your hand. Relax and
repeat with the other leg.

• The muscle fiber responsible for letting you twist can be
strengthened by lying on your back keeping both knees bent and pulling
in your stomach. Now, lifting your head up try and touch with one hand
the opposite ankle all the while keeping your tummy tight. Alternate
sides and always contract your tummy before touching the ankle and
remember to relax it in between.

• Doing these exercises 10 times twice a day diligently will
tone up your stomach muscles and you will be on your way to a flatter

Warning signs to look out for are muscle aches and pains, getting
tired easily and color changes in post-partum vaginal discharge. At
the first sign of any of these symptoms, stop your exercises and
consult your doctor.

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Also you can look up ‘The Complete Guide to Postnatal Fitness” by Judy
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Many women get disheartened after childbirth seeing their not-so-flat
tummy but, it will help if they realize that there’s nothing wrong in
the way they look and it is just a natural transformation of their
body after childbirth. Your body can regain its original shape by
regular exercise for flattening your abdomen after childbirth
 and good eating habits.

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