5 Proven Diet Tips for Flat Abs

Your belly is a miracle of its own making! A diet filled with 4000 empty
calories per day won’t help your belly’s shape. But research and
long-term studies find proof that some food and specific food-based
diets are helpful for a beautiful, flat and muscular midsection.

Unhealthy diets, even when the amount of calories is minimal, can
 have a negative impact on the bulging belly and increase your
 chances of obesity.

 Diseases such as diabetes and heart attacks threaten more people
 who eat unhealthy diets rather than people who have fatty and rich,
 but minimally processed food.  I offer up a this simple tip list for you,
 5 diet tips for flat abs. By simply utilizing these 5 diet tips for flat abs
 you can enhance your physical body and prevent the unwanted belly
5 helpful tips for flat abs

1.  Fruits and Vegetables: according to a review by the renowned
Copenhagen University Hospital, waistlines trim down more quickly if
you consume carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables more than
white bread or processed sugar-based products. Citrus, especially
oranges, are also helpful. You can also curb those between-meal
cravings by eating fiber-packed fruits and veggies. Immunity boosting
Vitamin-C and beta-carotene are also plentiful in fruits such as
peaches, berries, oranges and kiwi etc. Whole fruits are much better
than their respective juices for fewer calories and flatter abs. I also
suggest you buy only organic fruits and vegetables as much as
possible. If you have to choose, use this rule: If you can eat the peal,
use organic. Example: As apple vs an orange. For the ultimate guide
to get the flattest abs, check out http://www.flattenyourabs.net.

2.  Importance of Selenium: according to “Prevention” magazine,
this cancer-resistant mineral is also obesity-resistant. Though it is
tough to basically get the exact amount of 55 mcg of selenium each
day, it is found in foods all over the country. Midwest whole-grains,
Vermont cheeses and California nuts are the best options for
consuming selenium from a varied and mixed diet. Selenium is a
super-tool to acquire flatter abs and a superior diet.

3.  Protein: Known as the energy booster and great filler, protein is
a great weight loss tool, especially for the middle aged and over. A
good diet should include protein as a mandatory material to help
prevent obesity and constitute an ideal diet for flat abs. Protein
sources vary and be organic as possible.  But beware; excessive
protein intake is a negative factor for health, as they can negatively
affect the kidneys. For more exact amounts of protein, check out my
book, “Firm and Flatten Your Abs.” Also, don’t forget to choose
smart proteins like low-fat yogurt, organic whole milk, fish, poultry
and nuts – all great choices for a lean and healthy protein intake. This
is a deciding factor in flatter abs and a lean-and-mean look!

4.  Wine + water: It’s not advisable to start drinking wine just to
kill fat and ab-fat bulge. But if you are accustomed to drinking a glass
every day with dinner, it’s a great way to fight away ab-fat.
According to “Prevention” magazine, 20 glasses of white or red wine
each month is enough to help fight away your belly bulge. Again,
beware extra wine acts as a deterrent to fat fighting and adds to the
belly bulge. Adding to this, drinking ½ of your body weight in pure
water helps facilitate fat loss and will aid in gaining a smooth, flat set
of abs.

5.  The Correct Fats: Monounsaturated fats and omega-3s and
omega-6s are the best fats to eat in order to maintain a healthy diet.
These fats prevent excess baggage in the mid-section and also help to
acquire decent and shapely abs. Consuming junk food and fatty foods
can have potentially deadly consequences with the levels of trans fats
contained in fast food and junk food. When in doubt, consume fats
found in their natural state. Foods like nuts, avocadoes, olives and
wild salmon are all great sources of these essential fats.   If you still
have doubts about why eating the right kinds of fats is essential for
flatter abs, check out “Firm and Flatten your Abs,” with a detailed
explanation of the essential role of fat in the diet.

So, here we have provided a basic, yet complete 5 diet tips for flat
abs set for the perfect flat . These tips are great to keep in mind as
you follow my regimen in “Firm and Flatten Your Abs” located at