1 Forgotten Weight Loss Rule You Need to Remember

The 21st century has come on us with its own ups and downs. Areas like technology have undergone drastic improvements which have in turn affected very many aspects of our life. These technological changes and their effect on our lives, combined with various other factors have affected many people’s lifestyles. As devices reduce the amount of manual work we have to do and we are able to afford more comfortable lifestyles, our health deteriorates.

A huge percentage of people nowadays, lead a sedentary lifestyle where exercise is kept to the minimum. In addition, dieting has taken a turn for the worse with people preferring unhealthier and seemingly sweeter foods. The effects of this have been an increase in cases of weight gain and obesity. To curb this, many individuals have tried a variety of tactics including exercise and dieting. Despite fervent efforts to fight unhealthy weight gain, there are still many cases of obesity out there.

What could be the problem?

So why, despite all the knowledge available concerning weight loss and people’s efforts to implement this knowledge, are we still seeing a rise in cases of diseases related to being overweight? The problem is that there is one rule that has escaped the attention of most people. The 1 forgotten weight loss rule you need to remember has to do with the mind. The mind controls all the activities of the body and is thus the most important component that should be involved in weight loss. Of all weight loss rules, this is the most important.

Why the mind matters

There are several factors that can affect the state of your mind and in extension, affect your weight loss efforts. These factors include;

a) Stress

This is the single biggest inhibitor to successful weight loss. Firstly, during times of mental and emotional stress, the body tends to produce a lot of the hormone cortisol. Research has proven that this hormone stimulates the storage of unhealthy fat especially in the midsection of the body. Stress may also lead one to eat comfort food which is usually unhealthy and may also cause cases of overeating. All these can prevent a successful weight loss program.

b) Discouragement

There is nothing worse than trying to accomplish something only for discouragement to set in. One looses morale quickly and soon efforts to accomplish a task are discarded. Weight loss is a tough and long journey that requires hard work and discipline. Getting discouraged can set you back very far. Discouragement may be as a result of unfulfilled efforts or it may come from someone.

c) Lack of motivation

When you are on a quest, setting your sights on a goal is what keeps you going. Lack of motivation can be as a result of lacking a specific goal and having no written plan. Motivation starts in the mind and spreads to the rest of your body resulting in positive action.

d) Boredom

This is a mental ‘malady’ that affects very many people. It mostly affects exercise. When boredom sets in you find yourself procrastinating more often about going to the gym. It can occur due to a monotony of exercise or lack of a motivating workout partner.

The remedy

There are various steps you can take in remedying the above situation and ensuring that you are back on track.

· Keep away stress. This is the first and biggest step you should take. You can do this by surrounding yourself with loved ones, getting enough sleep and eliminating whatever aspect that is causing stress. Seeing a counselor can also help.

· Surround yourself with people who are encouraging and avoid any discouragers. Additionally, set goals that are attainable and realistic. This way you will not get discouraged when you fail to attain your goals.

· As for lack of motivation, find a way to re-motivate yourself. Take a pen and paper and write down your goals and put them somewhere you can see. You can also get a partner to psyche you up in your efforts.

· Lastly, you can fight boredom by looking for new exercise routines, changing the exercise location or getting an exercise partner.

A healthy mind is the foundation of successful weight loss. It should be your constant number one priority.