15 reasons to lose weight now

Each and every one of us has tried to lose body fat and some have been successful while others have not. When you look good, you feel good I tell my clients. It really is that simple. If you put forward effort to make yourself better the inner feeling you get is yours and yours alone. By losing weight you not only look and feel better but is also improves your health and well being.

By losing some pounds, you can significantly reduce your risk of such diabetes, heart disease, back pain, cancer, joint pain and more. You can reduce or eliminate all of these by losing weight and gaining muscle. You can live and maximize a great life by following my 15 reasons to lose weight.

Ø Feel Great! Simple but people underestimate the power here!

Ø You will save breathes…and you will be able to breath easier

Ø Reduce stress

Ø Slow the aging process

Ø Increase energy

Ø Boost immunity system

Ø Reduce cancer risk

Ø Manage menopause better

Ø Breath easier

Ø Reduce blood pressure

Ø Improve liver function

Ø Relieve irritability

Ø Improve concentration and memory

Ø Reduce change of diabetes

Ø Feel sexier

Now that you have my 15 tips let’s see what else we can come up with to motivate you in your weight loss efforts.

Have you ever wondered why people that are thin look younger in general compared to there overweight counterparts? The answer is they are younger on the inside and out. Of course if you smoke, drink to much etc. we all look bad but I talking about the general look of thinner people. Being overweight accelerates the aging process and we are so overweight as a society. The last thing I read two thirds of our population is OVERWEIGHT!

When we are overweight we age faster period! One out of three people are so overweight that they are getting disease such as diabetes years earlier then thinner individuals. This is great to the doctors who treat all these ailments but not good for us in general.

We all need to get some weight off and by doing so we improve our chances of aging slowly and steadily to enjoy our life far into our 80’s. Get the FAT OFF! NOW!