7 Old Weight Loss Rules

7 old Weight Loss Rules which I Still Live by

I know firsthand that it’s very difficult and tricky to lose weight. There are so many different approaches and rules to weight loss; making it very confusing. However, by following some old rules which have fallen out of favor these day you can do it. It’s only when I started to implement and follow these seven weight loss rules that I saw phenomenal results. If you are struggling to lose weight, these rules can help you achieve your goals faster:

Eat 6 small, healthy meals

It may feel like a lot of work to eat six small meals. Alternatively, you may think eating six meals will cause you to gain weight. However, it’s one of the strategies that has helped me to lose the most weight. Eating smaller meals more often will help to boost your metabolism, prevent cravings and will keep you fuller. The key, nevertheless, is to make sure that those meals truly are healthy and small. Overeating will make you gain weight, so watch your portion sizes. Two or three meals just do not work. Your body starts to cannibalizie your own The complete opposite of what you want. As a general rule your portion size should be lean protein the size of your palm, complex carbohydrates the size of your palm and fibrous vegtabebles the size of your hand.

Minimum complex carbs after lunch time

This weight loss rule might be difficult to implement, but it sure does work. Your metabolism slows down gradually after lunch time. For this reason, your intake of starchy carbs also decreases little by little if you want to lose weight. Follow this rule of no complex carbs after lunch by having loads of veggies for your afternoon snack and for dinner. Just add a protein and fat source to make it a complete meal. Some of the carbs which you need to limit or avoid at night time includes – potatoes, sweet potatoes, bread, pasta, rice and other grains.

Eat only ideal foods

The foods you eat make up to 80% of what you look like. If you only eat the right types of food, you will reach your weight-loss goals faster. The best, “ideal” foods for weight loss are lean proteins, crufusia vegetables, unprocessed natural carbs and healthy fats. You can have a look at my post “Fat Loss Meal Plans” to find an example of an ideal fat loss meal plan.

Self-discipline is vitally important.

Without this old stand by “self-discipline,” weight loss will be very difficult; even impossible. How do you get iron-strong self-discipline? Practice makes perfect. The more times you say to something (no to that piece of cake), the easier it becomes. Just remember what you want to look like and your willpower will get stronger. To make it easier, keep a picture of an inspiring model on your mirror or refrigerator and have a look at it when you want to cheat.

Exercise is the key to lose fat

Diet can only take you so far. A healthy diet is great for losing weight, but if you want supermodel worthy results, you need to exercise regularly. Exercise is very effective for getting rid of love handles and to reduce the appearance of cellulite. For best results, you should aim to work out for at least 4-5 times per week. Interval training or short bouts of high intensity exercise burns the most fat and calories.

No food is off-limits.

Depriving yourself of your favorite foods is only going to make you miserable, and it may lead to binge eating. While it is best for optimal fat loss to avoid certain foods, having a little piece of it won’t hurt once in a while won’t hurt. They key is to get exercise in and to eat fewer calories before or after your small cheat.
It’s a lifelong journey

Losing your excess weight or fat is not the end of the journey. If you want to keep the weight off, you can’t go back to your old eating habits. Doing so will only make you gain weight again. Except that, your journey to a healthier, better looking body will be a lifelong one. And then commit to following these seven weight loss rules throughout your life. You can ease up a bit on your diet once you’ve reached your goals, but never go back to the way of eating, which made you gain weight.


These weight loss rules helped me to see awesome results, and I am sure that they can do the same for you. If you are serious about losing weight, just follow these rules that I shared with you in this post, and you will reach your goals faster.

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