Betting on weight loss, a practical approach to speed up your weight loss

Betting on weight loss, a practical approach to speed up your weight loss. Overweight and obesity are major health hazards faced by mankind in this twenty-first century. Unlike other health hazards overweight and obesity are caused by carelessness and indifference on the part of the persons who succumb to it. When there are a number of easy and economical methods to overcome overweight and obesity, one may wonder why people are so callous about this ever daunting health hazard. If you are a person having trouble with your weight, this is an article intended for.

Before betting on weight loss, let us find out whether you are obese or not. This can be found out by finding out your body mass index number. The body mass index number is obtained by dividing a person?s weight in kilograms by the square of his or her height in meters. A body mass index number greater than 25 is considered overweight and when this figure exceeds 30, it is considered as obese. So if your body mass index is greater than 25, then it is confirmed that you are having trouble with your body weight.Overweight and obesity are caused due to the consumption of more calories of food than that is needed for your body to carry out the day-to-day activities of your daily life. To find out how much extra calories you are consuming every day, you have to get the following details.

Basal metabolic index which is the minimum calorie value needed for your body to perform basic human functions such as breathing and respiration is the first value to be calculated. This can be taken from the values already calculated by scientists. Next figure needed is the activity calorie level which is the calorie value of energy needed for you to carry out your everyday activities. This can be calculated by using an activity journal or heart-rate monitor. Adding these two values will give you your average requirement of energy in calories per day. Now you have to calculate the average calorie intake per day. For this keep, a food journal and enter in the details of all the food items that you consume. Take these details for one week, calculate the total energy intake for a week and find the average for one day. If the energy intake per day is greater than the total energy needed per day, then you are having problems with your weight, and it is the right time for you to practice one of the weight reduction techniques such as going to a gym, dieting, betting on weight loss, etc.

Going to gym and taking regular exercises are the conventional approach you may think about; when you find that you are having trouble with your weight. Generally gyms are meant for body builders and therefore persons who approach gyms for weight loss may not be happy with the slow process of improvement that can be achieved. Dieting is another easy and convenient method that can be followed by you when you find that you are having trouble with your weight.

But in addition to the above conventional methods a new technique which is becoming popular very fast is betting on weight loss.

As more and more people who put money in the betting on weight are coming out in flying colors more and more people are following the suit. Numerous websites have sprung up which cater catering to the needs of the people who turn to betting on weight technique to reduce their overweight faster.A recent study in the States has proved that betting on weight has become successful in the case of many people who have tried other ways earlier and could not succeed. Betting on weight can be with your friend or even with your spouse. People who enter betting on diet and put money in it agree to reduce maximum weight within a fixed period of time. The person who reduces maximum weight wins the bet and gets the cash amount of the bet.

Betting on weight can be between friends, relatives or even between husband and wife. Money is a motivating factor and the intense desire not to fail before the opponent also helps the participant to concentrate on the weight reduction method he is practicing. It helps the participants to keep away from snacking binge and doughnuts. The desire to win a contest and earn money coupled with the ever haunting problem of losing your overweight will lead you in the right path. Betting on weight will give you courage to keep away from temptations to break your dieting and indulge in activities to satisfy the needs of your tongue.

Considering the ever increasing desire among people to reduce overweight, many companies and offices are now conducting annual contests in which the winner is given a good sum of money as prize and the persons who achieve tangible results are given other benefits including financial benefits. The principle of this approach is based on the philosophy of betting on weight. The details of the progress of the participants are published at fixed intervals. Knowledge of your improvement along with the knowledge of your co-workers? improvement, motivates you to come up and win the prize. Even if you cannot become the winner the desire to achieve a better position among your colleagues prompt you to continue the methods you are now following to reduce your excess weight.

Websites which promote weight reduction methods makes contract with the person who login and registers there for weight reduction. If you think that you are having trouble with your weight you can also log in and get the help of the website. As per the contract you agrees to reduce your weight to a certain extend within a fixed period of time. If you succeed in it, then you will have to pay only a nominal fee. But if you fail to achieve the agreed result you will be charged. This process is similar to the process of betting on diet. The website provides all the help required by you to continue your weight reduction task.