Bodyblades Are Good For Core Strength

Bodyblades are one of the most under used and beneficial core power
training tool ever designed. It is an innovative workout system which
leads to quick and effective muscle strengthening, power development,
core stabilization and toning.

What is a Bodyblade?

Bodyblade is an exercise device which is lightweight, durable,
multifunctional and takes up very little space to store. The tool is so
compact that it can easily fit inside the closet, under the bed and
dozens of other places where the conventional weights and machines fail
to go. It is ready to use and can be used anywhere and at anytime,
requires no adjustments, bands or weights.

Bodyblade is an exercise stick that somewhat resembles a double-sided
sword. The handle in the middle is quite comfortable, and easy to work

What does a Bodyblade do?

Exercises are executed by gripping the center of the exercise blade and
shaking it back and forth. The Bodyblade can oscillate back and forth in
various directions and angles to train different body parts. It’s an
extremely good tool to get an effective muscle sculpting workout within
a short span of time, if used properly. This device is very strong and
sturdy and can be used for a longer period of time.

Bodyblade has several unique features which definitely make it different
compared to the other exercise equipment available. There really isn’t
any other type of equipment that is like the Bodyblade. Most other
systems work on the principle of the user attempting to lift a weighted
item or stretch an elastic band. Bodyblade uses the principles of
inertia to motivate the muscles and make them stronger. With Bodyblade
there is an absence of weights or elastic bands that can break. The
Bodyblade, works on the opposite principle: Once the ends begin to move,
inertia keeps them in motion and then it’s up to you to resist it. The
intensity and the acceleration of the movement can be controlled by you,
which make it safer and more effective than any other equipment. The
risk of damage through overexertion is much less. All this is made
possible due to the inertial exercise principles and the patented
technology built into every Bodyblade.

Bodyblade requires up to 270 muscle contractions per minute. The
workouts are smooth, safe and are low-impact. With a little effort you
can feel the burn in different muscles using different positions.
Bodyblade is known as a dynamic reactive instrument, which means that it
matches the force you put into the blade and does nothing more. The more
conditioned the user is, the more enhanced the workout will be.
Bodyblade is a very effective tool for toning muscle and increasing core
strength, if used in the right way.

Bodyblade is a safe piece of equipment that still gives you a very
demanding workout. It works the arm muscles, shoulders, chest, back, and
even legs because the muscles oscillate with the movement of the
Bodyblade. It helps in muscle toning and muscle tightening, without the
extreme fatigue which is usually felt by lifting weights. You fail to
feel burned out and do feel fit after the workout. Many people find it
to be a fun and challenging workout.

Bodyblade helps in enhancing spinal stability, proprioceptive awareness,
muscle endurance and cardiovascular fitness. It is easy to use for
everyone, from the world class athletes to the physically challenged. It
also is used by patients to rehabilitate from injuries. It enhances your
balance and coordination as it promotes good posture. Bodyblade also
helps in the shaping and toning of the muscles. It works on muscle
groups that are otherwise hard to trigger voluntarily, and is especially
good for improving core muscle strength and balance. At the same time,
it is tough to overstress any muscle group because of the unique way it

You can even carry Bodyblade while on business trips as it is easy to
carry, providing a way of exercising in motel rooms and at odd times
when the gym is not the best place to go.

Bodyblades are available in five different models namely, Bodyblade Pro;
Bodyblade Classic; Bodyblade Sportblade; Cardio Blades and Bodyblade
Lite. All these models are made from a unique combination of composite
materials and have a rubber handgrip in the center. Selecting the
appropriate Bodyblade is important, as it is essential to know what each
Bodyblade offers in regards to its features and design to serve you

With the help of Bodyblade you can tone your muscles within minutes, you
do not have to spend hours lifting weights in a gym. Bodyblade is good
for exercising and strengthening the back. A few people have even been
able to avert surgery for a damaged rotator cuff by using Body Blade as
a part of their physical therapy.

The advantages of Bodyblade are endless and I recommend it as a must buy
product for your household. My clients and I have benefited from using
the Bodyblade for good core. So what are you waiting for?

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Firm and Flatten Your Abs II

David Grisaffi