Remove Negativity And Believe You Can Have A 6 Pack

Habits are hard to break. Even if you don’t think about your body is going to do it automatically. Just imagine how easy it would be to get six-pack abs if there was no internal conflict!

You can eat the right foods, and you can exercise regularly without difficulty. The problem is that most people have unhealthy lifestyles, which make it hard to achieve the desired 6 pack abs.

But on the other hand, People with good habits are likely to get perfect abs in a short time. This is because all they have to do is tune their efforts to achieve 6-pack abs. Fat loss programs abound in the market today, and though most programs truly work, it all depends on the individual’s motivation and willpower. Battling with oneself is the hardest thing to do. You will often hear voices inside your mind telling you to do everything in order to achieve your goals while another voice tells you to do the opposite.

Banishing negativity is very important. It simply pertains to getting rid of negative thoughts and focusing on the positive ones. You are going to create positive habits so that you will be able to do things without thinking. You will no longer have an endless battle with your own self and finally, reveal the 6 pack abs. To banish negativity, you should learn about visualization. The mind has an „eye‟ and you need to see yourself having six pack abs. This is the power of visualization. Some people prefer to call it imagination, and the brain can‟t tell the difference between what‟s real and what‟s vividly imagined.
Consider this situation – you are walking on an empty street and you think that someone is on your trail. The natural response of the body is to raise the heart rate, and you also deepen your breath. Through it, the body is preparing for the fight or flight response. You „think‟ it and even if nobody is following you, the reaction of the body is still the same.
To have absolute control over a situation, you need to create a habit. You must eat balanced foods every day, and you need to exercise at least 3 to 4 times a week. You will need to visualize yourself eating the right kinds of foods at the right amount, and doing basic exercises that help build abs. If you are tempted to do your old habits, you need to find a diversion. For instance, if you love chocolates and other sweets, you have to „no‟ in a slightly louder voice so as to convince yourself that you don‟t need lots of sweets in your diet. You can also walk away from the table where the sweets are being served. It is all about willpower and in sticking to the new habits that you’re trying to develop.
From the very start, you should never tell yourself that you can‟t achieve six pack abs. You must always be positive and banish all negative thoughts that enter your mind. Creating a different pattern and doing it over and over again is the secret to achieving the abs want.
You should also be surrounded with enthusiastic people. It is important that you get all the motivation you need. One way to do it is by taking “before” photos. It may not look very pleasant, but it is alright for starters. This will be the source of your motivation.
The next thing that you must do is get a picture of someone with six pack abs. You can put the photos side by side so that you can see the difference. All you have to do is take a look at the picture with perfect abs and you are going to be hyper-motivated. You can also show the photo comparison to friends and family. These people can boost your confidence and motivation levels.
Peer pressure significantly influences a person especially when you‟re trying to achieve fitness goals. If you are getting positive pressure, it would be favorable in your situation. It can be hard to develop six pack abs especially if you’ve been struggling with tummy fat for a long time. However, you should not get discouraged at the first sight of difficulty.
There will always be problems or issues at first. However, you can overcome all these things if you are able to banish all negativity from your mind. Think positive always and have a positive attitude. It is never too late to introduce changes in your lifestyle. You will not get anywhere if you are pessimistic, so instead of sulking in your room, get up and focus on your fitness goals.
Anyone can have six pack abs including you. Introduce new habits and you can do things with ease. Soon, you can show your friends and family how much you’ve changed. Your new six-pack abs are sure to get noticed instantly!
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Building Proper Abs: The Beginning

By David Grisaffi and

The reasons why the majority of people do not have abs are huge and the major stumbling block is that plenty of so called “experts” are still teaching old fashioned advice for building abs that just doesn’t work.

The number one mistake we make is that even though we are overweight, the thing we always start doing is crunches and leg raises. This means that if you have excess fat covering your abs, you will only manage to add muscles underneath, but not lose the fat. So basically, instead of having a slimmer waistline to show off your abs, it will get bigger and your love handles will also get thicker.

Now let’s get one thing straight: Even if you heard about spot reduction, there’s no such thing. Only when you manage to shed that extra weight off, will you be able to reveal your abs.

Another mistake concerning abs is believing what you see on the commercials late in the evening when you’re watching TV, promising that you’re going to have great looking abs by using a certain kind of gizmo or gadget.

The thing is that if everything were that simple, everyone would look great by now and not complain about having no abs at all. The reasons they cannot have those great looking abs is because those gadgets are good but only half the battle, nutrition along with exercise are the other key components.

If you want to show off your abs, the first thing you’ve got to realize is that the equation for abs is simple.

It’s simple…but damn hard work

Firstly, you will need to consider a diet that has a limited number of calories, as the basic premise goes…it’s all about calories in and calories out. Next, consider effective cardio workouts to do, also think about strength training with weights. This will help you to raise your metabolism and build muscle which will eventually help you burn fat naturally and lose weight.

What you are about to discover next are the important elements that if incorporated in your daily regime will have you getting great looking abs.

They are as follows:

1. A diet low in calories which will help you with your weight loss.

2. Daily cardio workouts, which help you with exercising your lungs and heart, but at the same time burn the extra fat away.

3. Resistance Training, which is extremely effective for building muscles. While you do so, you will also manage to permanently burn off fat. Keep in mind that lifting weights will help you get that well-toned body you so much want to have.

A Full Assessment Of Harmful Oil Products Consumers Use Every Day

By David Grisaffi

The debate over whether or not canola oil is harmful is taken a clear turn. This debate continued as two sides of the spectrum reviewed contradicting information. On one side it was said that the oil is harmless due to the increased volume of omega 3 oils that were blended into the product during the manufacturing process. On the other, it has been proven that this oil is was originally the creation of a Canadian resident that product that was later genetically modified. These studies show that the oil product is available through the Monsanto Corporation that is known to manufacture products that are filled with harmful hormones and additives. According to reports, the product is, in fact, harmful based on specific product testing. The following details present clear reasoning for Why Canola Oil is bad.

How is Canola Oil Created?

Canola oil is generated from wild rapeseed oil. This oil is known to possess erucic acid in higher than average quantities. The modifications for this product make it possible to offer it to consumers at a lower quantity of the erucic acid. However, over time, consumers will continue to experience the adverse health problems associated with the oil product. Additionally, this product was created to use as a non-food base option. It is included in products that could become toxic if it is ingested. This includes candles, lubricants, insecticides, and even biofuels. Due to the lower saturated fats in the oil as well as healthy fatty acids, manufacturers have praised it as a super food that improves health. However, the use of the products in dangerous products prove otherwise.

What are the Most Common Reasons that It is Bad for Consumers?

The most common reasons that show that the product is dangerous is the fact that it isn’t a pure oil. It is genetically modified and is considered refined. The product is also hydrogenated and could increase the risk of serious health-related developments. According to studies that show the presence of an increase in health-related risks, it is as harmful as soy-based and corn-based products that contain GMOs.

What is Monsanto’s Role in Creating a Dangerous Product?

With the increase of genetic modification for products, Monsanto has been assessed more thoroughly. According to reports, among the top products that are sold widely and genetically modified include canola oil, corn, alfalfa, cotton, wheat, and soybeans. Each of these products contain genetically modified organisms that could increase the risk of serious diseases for consumers. They can also generate even further negative effects on the body that could increase the consumer’s weight quickly and lead to even more dire circumstances. With no real laws to control the use of GMOs, the federal government cannot determine what amount of these organisms present the greatest risks to consumers.

What are the Dangerous Effects of Canola Oil?

The first health risk discovered with the indications of kidney and liver diseases. The studies conducted in associated with these vital organs show heightened levels of GMOs found in this oil that generate lasting negative effects. This includes the body’s inability to flush harmful toxins from the body.

Next, these studies show that consumers who use this oil are at a greater risk of developing cardiovascular disease. This could present a higher risk of heart attack and stroke. They show that consumption of rapeseed oil in any form are more likely to lower the consumer’s longevity and place them at a greater risk of experiencing a fatal cardiac episode. They could also develop hypertension and increase their risks of heart disease even further.

The use of this oil can also lead to major changes in the growth process. This could equate to abnormal development for children. They could also experience more restricted development if they consume the oil during infancy. The consumers could also develop life-threatening allergies as well as suppress their immune system.

Consumers who want to learn more about why canola oil is bad for them can review further studies about food products containing GMOs. These products present them with a higher risk of kidney, liver, and heart-related diseases based on consumption levels. These oils are genetically modified and praised as super foods. Consumers who need further information read more here now.

Refined Carbohydrates and Sugar – Enemy # 1 for Weight Loss

by David Grisaffi

Ever since humans switched from nomads and their hunter-gatherings roles, to that of an agrarian-based society, western cultures have looked to the carbohydrate as a primary food staple. For example, an average person in America cannot envision a day without pastries, potatoes, corn, bread, cereal or rice. The media has made us well aware that the excessive intake of carbohydrates has a detrimental effect on our waistlines, but how much do we know about the effect they have on our health? What adds to the sad situation is these carbohydrates are consumed in a highly processed form. What do we get from eating processed starches? Well 65% of Americans are overweight and 30% of them are clinically obese.

These refined carbohydrates in our diets are causing numerous diseases like diabetes in epidemic proportions. The symptoms are very simple, if you experience fatigue, sleepiness, fogged thought process, bloating of the abdominal area, high triglyceride levels, high blood pressure levels or low sugar level (hypoglycemia), this is a sign you are consuming excessive refined carbohydrates. Now, I do not want to rag on complex carbohydrates such as vegetables. You can never go wrong with eating raw and cooked vegetables, good lean protein and you will balance blood sugar and lose body fat every time, but the more refined food we eat, the worse off we are.

Insulin and Sugar

Keep in mind that unlike, say fat, the human body does not need refined carbohydrates in any amount. The human body stores only a limited quantity of carbohydrates for brain function, muscles and other uses. The excess carbohydrates are converted into (triglycerides) or fat (by the use of insulin) and stored in adipose (fat) tissue. When a person consumes high level of carbohydrates, the body has no choice and reacts by secreting increased amounts of insulin into the blood stream to lower glucose (sugar) levels. The end results are a blood stream full of toxins and the body survives by placing excess amounts converting it to fat.
Effects of excessive sugar on human body

Sugar consumed in high levels can lead to many complications in the human body. One is to suppress the natural immune system. This often leads to a variety of digestive disorders and promotes allergies. Some chronic illnesses like thyroid issues and diabetes have their roots in excessive carbohydrate consumption, so start thinking about it now. Excessive levels of carbohydrates coupled with over-secretion of insulin causes heart disease and a load of other health disorders. Once a period of low/high blood glucose or sugar sets in, it can cause massive damage to most organs in the human body. In such circumstances, any treatment procedures would be impeded and most dietary and medical restrictions would apply. Moreover, once a condition of imbalanced sugar sets at a high level, you can develop diabetes and it is not possible to survive without regular doses of insulin from external sources.

Body building and insulin

Excessive secretion of insulin is also detrimental in another way since it suppresses the levels of growth hormones and glucagon’s. These two important hormones are important in burning fat and sugar and they promote muscle building. So insulin not only promotes fat accumulation but also impedes the body’s ability to lose fat by burning.

To gain better muscle mass, many people resort to ingesting more proteins. Although this is good, it is important that complex carbohydrates form at least 40% of a body builder’s diet. Ingesting some simple carbohydrates are okay as a recovery meal after a workout, but I’m talking about a banana, not ten chocolate chip cookies.

Regulating carbohydrate intake

With the above reasons it is easy to infer that we need to regulate our intake of refined carbohydrates to practice better body growth, to keep us free of diseases and promote better psychological health. It will help us avoid a foggy memory and depression. Although the role of carbohydrates is very important in our diet due to their energy generation capabilities, regulating and knowing how much to consume is a very important factor. Lower levels of refined carbohydrates can also prove to be dangerous since in such cases the blood glucose levels would fall and the body will start resorting to proteins in order to fill the gap. This will result in a decrease of muscle mass. Research says that about 45% of our body’s energy requirements should come from complex carbohydrates. This will ensure proper functionality of insulin and keeps the body away from disease.

Sugar and weight loss

Since the condition of sugar imbalance needs a special diet, practicing weight loss under such conditions could be very difficult. Since excessive insulin and low blood sugar impedes production of glucagons, the body’s ability to burn fat is substantially reduced. In this scenario, weight loss would be almost impossible unless the sugar balance is restored.

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improvements you’ll need to make in order to reach
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Dark Chocolate: The Healthy Chocolate That Can Make Us Happier

The idea that chocolate is bad for us is something that has been drilled into us since we we children; if it wasn’t going to rot our teeth it was going to make us fat or give us spots. As a result, chocolate became a treat or a naughty addition that we blamed for our health problems but now it seems that it was wrong to tar all chocolate products with the same brush because dark chocolate – in moderation – could actually do us a lot of good.

Could dark chocolate actually be healthy?

It may be hard to believe at first but there are in fact a lot of potential health benefits to eating the right amount of dark bars of chocolate. Amazingly, these products can have high counts of vitamins and minerals, including potassium, magnesium, iron and copper, and they are full of everyone’s favourite health food component – antioxidants. Antioxidants can help the body fight against free radicals and prevents cell damage, which makes them rather useful against cancer and ageing. These basic, healthy ingredients are just the start in what dark chocolate can potentially do.

Using dark chocolate for your heart and your mind.

The first area of health that can be aided by eating the odd bar of dark chocolate is cardiovascular because it can improve blood flow, decrease blood pressure, prevent clots and maintain vessels. Each of of the four minerals mentioned above plays an important role in the health of this crucial system; potassium and magnesium help to fight heart diseases and have ability to prevent strokes, iron protects you against anaemia and the magnesium can have a positive effect on preventing type 2 diabetes.

These benefits on heart health will be welcomed by many dieters that are trying to find more fun and heart-healthy snacks but there is another side to dark chocolate that we can all enjoy – it can actually make us happier! It appears that those of us using chocolate as a form of anti-depressant may be onto something because dark bars contain PEA, a chemical that encourages the release of endorphins. In addition to this, these dark forms can also improve cognitive function because they improve blood flow to the brain and offer a small form of caffeine as a mild stimulant.

Do these ideas have any scientific verification?

It is understandable if you are reading these advantages thinking that this is all sounding to good to be true, and that they are just exaggerated claims to help chocolate manufacturers sell more products, but the science is solid. Some of these studies may have been funded by chocolate giant Mars, such as the study into flavanols that showed that they really could improve cognitive abilities when subjects were given different amounts of a cocoa flavanol drink, but their findings are reliable and show that the health benefits are dark chocolate are wide-reaching. A second study, for example, showed a definite difference in the effect on blood pressure between those that ate 100g of white chocolate and those that ate 100g of dark.

Why dark chocolate and not milk or white?

You may be reading all of these health benefits and studies thinking that there is surely no better excuse to increase your chocolate intake; however, it must be reiterated that these effects only refer to dark forms of chocolate, not white or milk chocolates, and it should still be consumed in moderation. Bars with a percentage of 85% are the most highly recommended because not only are they full of the advantageous chemicals highlighted, they are also low in sugar. Milk chocolate can be made up of a scary 50% sugar while these dark forms have just 5 grams and the glycemic index and risk risk to blood sugar levels are, therefore, much lower.

Summary: why you should make the switch to dark chocolate.

In short, the idea that dark chocolate is the healthier, grown-up alternative seems to be justified because not only does it have less sugar and more antioxidants, it can also help improve your cardiovascular health and make you happier. Making the switch may be tough at first if you are used to sweeter, lighter brands but it will not take long to get used to the taste and enjoy the benefits.

1 Forgotten Weight Loss Rule You Need to Remember

The 21st century has come on us with its own ups and downs. Areas like technology have undergone drastic improvements which have in turn affected very many aspects of our life. These technological changes and their effect on our lives, combined with various other factors have affected many people’s lifestyles. As devices reduce the amount of manual work we have to do and we are able to afford more comfortable lifestyles, our health deteriorates.

A huge percentage of people nowadays, lead a sedentary lifestyle where exercise is kept to the minimum. In addition, dieting has taken a turn for the worse with people preferring unhealthier and seemingly sweeter foods. The effects of this have been an increase in cases of weight gain and obesity. To curb this, many individuals have tried a variety of tactics including exercise and dieting. Despite fervent efforts to fight unhealthy weight gain, there are still many cases of obesity out there.

What could be the problem?

So why, despite all the knowledge available concerning weight loss and people’s efforts to implement this knowledge, are we still seeing a rise in cases of diseases related to being overweight? The problem is that there is one rule that has escaped the attention of most people. The 1 forgotten weight loss rule you need to remember has to do with the mind. The mind controls all the activities of the body and is thus the most important component that should be involved in weight loss. Of all weight loss rules, this is the most important.

Why the mind matters

There are several factors that can affect the state of your mind and in extension, affect your weight loss efforts. These factors include;

a) Stress

This is the single biggest inhibitor to successful weight loss. Firstly, during times of mental and emotional stress, the body tends to produce a lot of the hormone cortisol. Research has proven that this hormone stimulates the storage of unhealthy fat especially in the midsection of the body. Stress may also lead one to eat comfort food which is usually unhealthy and may also cause cases of overeating. All these can prevent a successful weight loss program.

b) Discouragement

There is nothing worse than trying to accomplish something only for discouragement to set in. One looses morale quickly and soon efforts to accomplish a task are discarded. Weight loss is a tough and long journey that requires hard work and discipline. Getting discouraged can set you back very far. Discouragement may be as a result of unfulfilled efforts or it may come from someone.

c) Lack of motivation

When you are on a quest, setting your sights on a goal is what keeps you going. Lack of motivation can be as a result of lacking a specific goal and having no written plan. Motivation starts in the mind and spreads to the rest of your body resulting in positive action.

d) Boredom

This is a mental ‘malady’ that affects very many people. It mostly affects exercise. When boredom sets in you find yourself procrastinating more often about going to the gym. It can occur due to a monotony of exercise or lack of a motivating workout partner.

The remedy

There are various steps you can take in remedying the above situation and ensuring that you are back on track.

· Keep away stress. This is the first and biggest step you should take. You can do this by surrounding yourself with loved ones, getting enough sleep and eliminating whatever aspect that is causing stress. Seeing a counselor can also help.

· Surround yourself with people who are encouraging and avoid any discouragers. Additionally, set goals that are attainable and realistic. This way you will not get discouraged when you fail to attain your goals.

· As for lack of motivation, find a way to re-motivate yourself. Take a pen and paper and write down your goals and put them somewhere you can see. You can also get a partner to psyche you up in your efforts.

· Lastly, you can fight boredom by looking for new exercise routines, changing the exercise location or getting an exercise partner.

A healthy mind is the foundation of successful weight loss. It should be your constant number one priority.

Foods That Help You Relax

Foods That Help You Relax

Humans today are living strecatssful lives. The fast paced lives we lead leave us with little time to relax our drained out bodies and fatigued nerves. More often than not we are rushing against time, to keep appointments. The pressure of our busy lives begins to show on us. We become irritable and feel completely stressed out. How do you deal with this daily turmoil? Is there a simple way to totally overcome stress? The answer to this is – there is! Food can help in conquering high stress levels and make you relax.

Why Food?

It is a known fact that food satiates and nourishes the body; but that is not all that it does. Food has other qualities too. Certain foods can act as a balm that soothes harried nerves. These are not difficult to find exotic foods, rather everyday foods that are easily available in almost every kitchen and grocery store. Here is a list of some of the most common foods that relax the body and mind.

Dark Chocolate

Most people like chocolate. The good news is that chocolate can help you soothe your stressed out nerves. Chocolate especially the dark variety is an excellent stress buster. It is rich in tryptophan, a compound with almost magical stress relieving properties. Tryptophan present in dark chocolate assists the body in producing serotonin. Serotonin is a natural compound that helps in calming stressed out nerves. Research indicates that chocolate elevates levels of certain amino acids in the brain that actually help in alleviating the mood. Eating a small piece of dark chocolate can lower levels of stress causing hormones immensely.

Chocolate in other forms can also do the trick. Though the high sugar levels can be a reason for concern if you are trying to watch your weight or suffer from diabetes. Reach out for a piece of chocolate the next time you feel physically and mentally exhausted. Continue reading Foods That Help You Relax

Reducing Abdominal Fat

Research have shown that abdominal fat is one of the most risky type of body fats. Slimming down in the belly area can reduce the chances of having illnesses like heart disease and diabetes. A fit and healthy tummy is the aim of many people but the real question is how to fight the belly flab.

Do not skip breakfast, the first meal of the day to kick-start your morning with an energy boost. Though not taking breakfast can decrease the calorie intake, you will find yourself hungry very quickly. In today’s society, sugar laden diets and highly processed food are the main causes of abdominal fat problems. To start to fight the belly flab, try not to take foods high in refined sugar and junk food. Learn to replace the junk food with better options. You can introduce fruits, whole grains and vegetables into the daily diet.

Not having sufficient sleep is something that you have to avoid when you are looking at losing that abdominal fat. Sleep is an important part of a weight loss plan. If you work late into the night, you will end up eating more as your body produces ghrelin when you are exhausted. Ghrelin will in turn trigger your body’s craving for sugar and food. Sleeping five hours or lesser a night will cause one to gain more weight as compared to people who have adequate sleep of between seven to eight hours. Not having enough sleep will cause the alteration of hormone production, resulting in insulin sensitivity which is the main contribution for belly fat. Having adequate sleep of at least seven to eight hours daily is crucial for people who wish to achieve a lean and flat belly.

Proper hydration is also essential during weight loss. Studies have shown that drinking a sufficient eight glasses of water a day can help in losing weight. Ample hydration can allow the body to get rid of toxins as well as makes you feel fuller when eating. Drinking enough water can keep the stomach calm for a longer period of time. Have a habit of drinking a glass of water every hour. This can help to curb your food cravings as it keeps your stomach full.

High intensity exercises can help in fighting abdominal flab. Exercise on a treadmill and set it at various speed levels from brisk walk to a slow but steady run. It is an intense exercise that can help you achieve your goal. Alternate between the two paces of walking and running. Food laden with fats and transfats are the types of food to avoid as it cause belly fat. You can use good fats to counter the bad ones. Consume foods that are rich in monounsaturated fats and Omega 3, these include avocados, soybeans, walnuts and salmon.

There are definitely no shortcuts to shed the fats at your belly. It takes lots of effort and hard work as well as a healthy and balanced diet to a slim and lean tummy.

Prepare Your Allergy First Aid Kit

Allergy is a very common health problem that may be suffered by most people. You may be one of them suffering from allergy. If you are allergic to some allergens, you should prepare your allergy first aid kit wherever you are. There are several items that you should bring everyday to prevent your allergic reactions. These items are very useful to help you solve your allergic problems anytime anywhere. You should bring these items at home, work, or event gym area. Here are some items that should be contained inside your first aid kit.

1. Epinephrine

For some people with serious allergy symptoms, this hormone is very useful because it can save their life. There are many benefits that you can get from this hormone. Epinephrine can reduce the allergic symptoms for most people. There are many products that you can use as the best epinephrine products in the market. You can use some epinephrine auto injector products, such as EpiPen or Auvi-Q. You should be very careful in reading the packaging of these products. Take a look at the expiration date. Do not use any medications that pass the expiration date. Do not store this medicine in your car. It may change the composition when it is exposed to direct sunlight.

2. Inhaler

This product is very useful to help you with your asthma problems. There are many different inhalers that are available on the health stores. You can choose the best product based on the customer reviews from the Internet. You can also discuss with your personal doctors before purchasing an inhaler for you. This product is very important, especially for people with asthma like symptoms during their allergic reactions. Do not use other people’s inhaler. Different inhalers may contain different ingredients. Therefore, you should only use an inhaler that is prescribed to you. Continue reading Prepare Your Allergy First Aid Kit

Fluctuations In Women’s Hormones

Like the ebb and flow of the ocean tides, women’s hormonesfluctuate with each monthly cycle. There are times in a woman’s lifewhen her hormonal tides flow so softly and so narrowly, they movelike the gentle neap tides of a quarter moon during winter. There areother times, however, when a woman’s hormonal tides oscillate withsuch magnitude and speed, they rise and fall like the broad sweepingtides of a full moon during spring.

Like the movement of the waves inthe ocean, a woman’s hormones is a force of nature that is, for allpractical purposes, essentially unstoppable. At least, it cancertainly feel that way to a woman coping with the effects of her ownoscillating hormones. They bring with them dramatic shifts in mood,crazy food cravings, and impulsive changes in sexual energy. Hormonalshifts also manifest themselves in physical ways, like bloating andweight gain, which can cause a woman a great deal of stress.

The hormonal shifts a womanexperiences can sometimes feel like a burden, even a curse. However,women also know these hormonal tides are closely tied to the miracleof life. Without the hormonal cycles of estrogen and progesterone,plus the small but influential shifts in female testosterone levels,the cycle of human life could not continue. The sweet innocent eyesof a newborn baby reflect what women’s hormones make possible. Continue reading Fluctuations In Women’s Hormones