What is Oxytocin and How to Increase its Levels

Oxytocin is a peptide which is created in the Hypothalamus area of the brain. It acts as both a neurotransmitter and hormone. As a result, it is extremely important for many important physical processes. It is also responsible for many emotional and social processes. This hormone plays a crucial role in the development of the body and brain.

Oxytocin’s Role in Your Body

This peptide first became popular when its different roles in the body were highlighted. Some of these include uterine regulation and contraction during childbirth, and letdown reflex for breastfeeding. Since then, it has also been popular for other social functions and anxiety reduction. This neurotransmitter is also responsible for building relationships and trust among members of social groups. In fact, it is even important for intimate relationships.

Thus, this hormone controls your body and life in many different ways. It helps you stay calm and composed. It also controls your emotional responses in many different social situations. High levels of this peptide can help you get on with things without any stress or problems. As a result, it is an extremely important hormone. It has been a subject of extensive research in recent times. Continue reading What is Oxytocin and How to Increase its Levels

Eating for building muscle mass

The “eating for building muscle mass” guide

When it comes to building muscle it isn’t always about lifting weight and going to the gym. The fact is that for those how will want to get bigger alimentation is what they will need to first take a look at. The main thing people will need to eat is proteins and they can be found in many of the foods we can eat on a daily basis. Proteins also have amino acids which are vital for the human body’s healthy development, yet a balanced intake of carbohydrates is also necessary. For instance simple carbohydrates like those found in potatoes and white bread have a high glycemic index and are very good for your body. Whole wheat bread and oatmeal have complex carbohydrates and are thus recommended for those who are working out in order to develop their muscles.

So if you are eating for building muscle mass then you will need to be very selective with the foods you are eating. Only this way you will be able to achieve your goal of getting pumped up and looking good, of course, through training and not by eating alone. Below you will find a lot of the seven foods that you can consider if you want to grow larger through training. Continue reading Eating for building muscle mass

7 Old Weight Loss Rules

7 old Weight Loss Rules which I Still Live by

I know firsthand that it’s very difficult and tricky to lose weight. There are so many different approaches and rules to weight loss; making it very confusing. However, by following some old rules which have fallen out of favor these day you can do it. It’s only when I started to implement and follow these seven weight loss rules that I saw phenomenal results. If you are struggling to lose weight, these rules can help you achieve your goals faster:

Eat 6 small, healthy meals

It may feel like a lot of work to eat six small meals. Alternatively, you may think eating six meals will cause you to gain weight. However, it’s one of the strategies that has helped me to lose the most weight. Eating smaller meals more often will help to boost your metabolism, prevent cravings and will keep you fuller. The key, nevertheless, is to make sure that those meals truly are healthy and small. Overeating will make you gain weight, so watch your portion sizes. Two or three meals just do not work. Your body starts to cannibalizie your own The complete opposite of what you want. Continue reading 7 Old Weight Loss Rules