DMAE – Is It A Miracle Supplement DiMethyl Amino Ethanol

Are you sleepless because of the new aging spots visible on your skin? Does your face look dark and patchy? Well Face-lifting, skin toning, plastic surgeries can now take a back seat unless you want to look a celeb’s identical. Pigmentation and wrinkles are two persisting problems common to adults. These problems which starts in early 30s, often gives victims sleepless nights as they realize that their days of youth would soon be past and so would be their good looks. To counter fight early aging you do not have scarcity of anti-aging creams and lotions. But are you aware as to which one will suit you the best? Or which one has better effectiveness? If you are clueless then use DMAE and know the results for yourself. Does this interest you? Keen to know more? Then read on…

What is DMAE?

DMAE or DiMethyl Amino Ethanol is the “smart drug” that has multiple benefits. It can cure your irritability, enhance your memory, work upon your focus level, improve your mood and also make you look glamorous. This organic compound is also an energy booster and at the same time it has proven anti aging properties. There are several success stories of DMAE and numerous case studies prove how it is benefited many people in diverse aspects. However before we go any further it is essential for us to know how exactly DMAE functions.

How DMAE Functions?

DMAE or DiMethyl Amino Ethanol is produced in your brain in small quantities. This pale yellow liquid also named as N-dimethyl-2-aminoethanol, beta hydroxyethyldimethylamine, beta-dimethylaminoethyl alcohol, and Deanol; is related to choline (hydro-soluble essential nutrient). It is a biochemical precursor to acetylcholine (neurotransmitter) liable for observatory power, sharp memory and focus. Apart from maintaining mental and physical balance, this metabolic compound also acts rapidly to flush the lipofuscin (aging pigment) from the cells of the skin. It furnishes the skin with proper nutrients which slows down wrinkles and aging and thereby it acts as a skin brightener. As a result even as you age your skins appears to be young and glowing.

Therefore it can be concluded, as far as the functions are concerned, that DMAE- a biogenetic natural amino alcohol is a miracle compound with proven potentials: it can easily maintain the integrity of cell membranes and more importantly it can be used to promote a positive mental attitude.

Common Usage of DMAE:

The biochemical product DMAE was generously used for commercial and industrial purposes ever since the first world. Here are some instances where DMAE was used.

• It was used for polymer making and also for thermo setting polymers,

• To treat quantitative water mass,

• Used in coating industries and many more.

• DMAE has also been recognized as an alternative to conventional solvents.

However it was not until 1958 that the pharmaceutical effects of DMAE were observed. Only after detailed researches the benefits were discovered and it became a popular anti-aging ingredient. The supplement erases the fine wrinkles and gives the skin a radiant glow. So even while you age you can look fresh and young. Acetylcholine tones the muscle thereby preventing premature skin sagging and this ensures that one looks young and radiant. However researchers are still working on this topic to confirm that DMAE has no major side effects.

The Other Benefits of DMAE:

• DMAE as earlier stated improves intellectual functioning. It stimulates the nervous motors and helps
reduce lethargy. With improved production of Acetylcholine mental acuity increases and depression and
irritability can be easily cured. Also because of its chemical bond and molecular structure DMAE is a better alternative to choline when it requires infiltrating the blood-brain barrier (brain’s extra-cellular fluid).

• DMAE equally favours physical alertness and works upon quick responses. Acetylcholine produces
re-agents and the secretion of alpha hormone increases. This results in happy mood and an active body.
Those who regularly take this supplement have reported to experience better energy levels. This is but just the beginning. Amongst the other well pronounced utility factors, DMAE show miraculous effects on DNA repair, it acts as antioxidants and fights away free radicals, it also makes the immune system more active and prepared.

• A person on DMAE supplement will also experience emotional stability far more easily. Anxieties, irregular depression, energy loss, fatigue and restlessness all can be cured easily with the help of this “miracle supplement”. This is an extremely effective cure for mental disorders.

• DMAE has also become one of the most preferred anti-aging components. Its ability to reduce lipofuscin or dark pigments is remarkable; also it helps to tone the skin and slow down wrinkle and unwanted sagging.

DMAE and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder)

This supplement was initially proven to be a hyper-dose for children with behavioral disorders and mental
instability. DMAE as stated earlier is an efficient stimulator to the hormones and nervous control. However researches on ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) patients showed little improvement.

While the above explanatory was about the already affected, DMAE has stood out to be one of the most beneficial supplements that can prevent Alzheimer. Acetylcholine instigates brain cell communication.Therefore in case there is controlled or limited acetylcholine production there are chances that an individual be affected by Alzheimer’s. DMAE supplement however can improve conditions potentially. However unadministered medicines and drugs or over dose of DMAE may cause irritation, drowsiness and stupendous confusions.

The Evolution of DMAE: How it Became a Part of Human Pharmaceutical Drug

When DMAE was clinically tested it showed remarkable improvement in the life-span of those on which it was tested and also enhanced memory retainable power. In fact ever since this discovery scientists are curious to find if DMAE can improve human life sustainability as well. However juxtaposed to the above stated possibility is the fact that topical DMAE may cause cell damage.

A certain doctor Morissette of University of Quebec executed a skin culture test of alkaloid DMAE on human skin. It got inflamed and they were possible fibroblast raptures and epidermal thickening because of vacuolization. However conditions were restored once the dosage was stopped for about few weeks.
However DMAE is yet to receive certification for being an absolute non-side effect supplement.

A word of caution:

Certain physiologists claimed that DMAE reduces and also at times stops cell multiplication; that it causes inflamed fibroblasts and slows the metabolic functions of our body. However nothing has been confirmed as yet, though various researches are on to find out the suitability of this miracle drug.

Sources of DMAE:

Fishes like salmons, sardines, pilchards etc are natural sources of DMAE. They have this organic compound in abundance. However at times DMAE consumption may lead to toxicity. The source of DMAE supplement is specifically responsible for such adversities. Therefore in case you have secured the supplement from fish oil, make sure that it has been certified with pharmaceutical grade (treated to molecular distillation). Apart from this DMAE is also released in small amounts in our brain.DMAE supplements are also available in the form of pills and tablets, also as creame and lotions now.Is DMAE a Sure Cure?

All substances that contain amino acids/alkalis are subject to change under circumstantialconditions. This includes the PH balance of the skin toxins, the temperature, combination of other variable compounds/chemicals etc. Therefore results may equally vary. However it has been seen that concentrated use of Vitamin C supplement helps immediate synthesis of collagen particles. Nonetheless there is no concrete evidence and it is yet hard to state anything concrete.

What to do until receiving confirmation?

Prevention is better than cure. If you still have doubts about this miracle supplement it is better that you use controlled dosage and see the difference yourself. To be on the safe side avoid using the alkaloid versions and also the topical DMAE.


However one should not take unprescribed drugs. Before you buy a particular product is it better to consult a doctor and take advice. Inquire about the dosage and also the required supplements that you need to include in your food for better results. Commonly the dosage is something between 100-250mg every day but may differ as per the individual’s physical condition. Also it is better to have the supplements early morning rather than late at night before going to bed. The supplement has the ability to bring about instant mind alertness. Therefore if you will have the pills at night you may experience restlessness and insomnia. While DMAE is definite to increase mental acuity and concentration in children, an unsolicited overdose may also harm your child without much notice. Better consult a nutritionist before you try to administer child dosage. Also people with epilepsy and bipolar disorders should not take such biotic products.