Exercise: For Life Extension

By David Grisaffi

Each of us would like to extend our lives, have more fun and enjoy the process. There are many ways to enjoy ourselves such as dinning out with friends, playing a round of golf or perhaps lying in a mud bath at spa. We all enjoy these exciting times and would love to have them last as long we can. My number one factor to achieving this success: Exercise!

To enjoy life, be active and keep up a good pace we all need to exercise in some form almost daily. Exercise can extend your life by many years. It helps you feel, look and function better for a longer period of time. It improves vitality, increases circulation and strengthens the heart which cuts you chances of heart disease or stroke.

It also helps you control your weight. So the faster you start a program the better benefit you will gain as you age. I suggest doing some daily activities such as walking, biking or light jogging. Once you feel good about what you are doing add some weight training to your routine.

Take control of your life now and reap the benefits later. If you want a go into later life more active and less dependent take responsibility for your health. If you smoke stop right now! If you need to lose a few pounds (most of us do) do it now! Eat more vegetables and fruits (preferably organic). Drink less alcohol and get more sleep.

You body was designed to move. So let’s get it moving. The old saying goes “use it” or “lose it”.

Here is a little more information on what you can do to help extend you life:

Do aerobic exercise at least 4 times per week for 30 minutes. Your heart and lunges will love you for it. You need to push yourself a little harder each week or so. The muscles in you body need to get out of there comfort zone once in a while. So work in interval patterns. Such as warm up 5 minutes then go hard for 2 minutes slow down for 2 then repeat for 3 to 4 times and cool down for 5 minutes. This also works great for losing weight also.

By adding exercise to your lifestyle your muscles will remain more flexible, become stronger and your joints will become more stable. This is a great way to extend you life and you will enjoy the process.

David Grisaffi

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