Flatten Your Belly With This Exercise

In this new year many of us are after a “new look”. If it is losing belly fat exercising is paramount to success. Starting a new exercise program can be exciting. But regardless of the exercise program remember exercise is stress. By consuming proper nutrition, getting enough rest and consuming water can and does reduce the stress on your body.

You exercise routine also needs to have a flow of energy to it. If it is to intense your hormonal and nerves systems will produce stress and activate the fight or flight sympathetic nervous system and losing body-fat becomes extremely difficult.

To avoid this situation choose exercises that restore muscle balance to “the force” so to speak. These exercises have a calming affect on you. Just remember to place the most difficult exercise at the beginning of your exercise routine.

I really like one particulate exercise and it is known by many different names. World renowned bodybuilder and trainer Vince Gironda called it “Abdomoinal Vaccums”, Ian King popular strength coach from Australian calls it “Thin Tummy”. As a CHEK Institute disciple I call it Transverse Tummy Tuck. Now the word transverses is important to know. This is the word to describe the deepest muscle in the abdominal wall. If it does not work properly you have a dysfunctional core. This muscle works as your own personal weight belt by keeping your belly flat. When working correctly it not only keeps your belly flat but also improves posture, reduces back pain and increases lower abdominal tone.

As a abdominal core expert I use this exercise daily with my clients as a stepping stone to more advance ab training. It is mentally relaxing as you learn to control the mind to muscle connection.

The transverses  abdominal tummy tuck has a few variations but I’m going to present to you the basic movement to get you going. To properly perform this abdominal flattening exercise follow the directions below. You can perform this exercise up to 3 times per day for 3-4 weeks and you will see fantastic results.

The 4-Point Transversus Abdominis Tuck is an exercise for isolating the transverse abdominis, for correcting “pooch belly,” and reconnecting with the nervous system. It is particularly valuable for pre-surgery preparation and post-surgery rehabilitation. In surgical procedures such as cesarean section and hernia, the muscles, nerves, and tissues are cut, causing a loss of neurological impulse (your brain tries to call your muscles to wake them up, but the muscles don’t answer!). Lack of neural drive to the core muscles is one reason for the belly hanging out. Certain exercises can help reconnect the nervous and muscular systems so your “pooch belly” gets the message from the brain loud and clear and pulls those muscles in.

Note: Using a dowel rod can help you keep good neutral exercise posture and provide biofeedback. (As the rod touches different parts of your body, it makes you aware of your body position.) If you use the dowel technique, place the rod along your spine, making sure the back of your head, upper back, and tailbone are in contact with the rod.

Position: Get down on all fours as though you were going to crawl. Place your hands directly underneath your shoulders and your knees directly beneath your hips.


1. Inhale and let the transverse abdominis hang out toward the floor.

2. Exhale, drawing the belly button in toward the spine. Avoid any spinal movement during this exercise such as contracting the glutes, hamstrings, or external rotators.

Perform this exercise on a 10 second hold in and 10 second release out. Repeat this combination for a total of 10 times. Or a total of 3 minutes.

Getting firm and flat abs also takes a solid nutrition plan. The quality and quantity of your food will affect how your stomach looks every bit as much as the quality and quantity of your workouts. While my Firm and flatten your abs program is not a diet book – it contains more training instruction than eating instruction, it would not be complete without a plan for what to do in the kitchen as well as the gym.In the e book I present an entire list of 15 nutrition and lifestyle do’s and don’t. Take a good look if you want to improve your ab and decrease your waistline more information about the TV Tummy Tuck in my e book on page..51 http://www.flattenyourabs.net

David Grisaffi

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