Physical Vs. Emotional Eating Patterns

by David Grisaffi

Walk past a bakery and the aroma of fresh baking makes your mouth
water. Whatever your mood, this fragrance tantalizes and tempts even
the strongest of dieters and weight watchers. Today there are many
things that dictate eating patterns, the What, How and Why We Eat.

Eating patterns or What We Eat are usually decided by our geographical
location as the body requirements are different for different climatic
conditions.  How we eat comes under categories like boiled, fried,
steamed, pressure-cooked, roasted and raw. The third factor, “Why We
Eat”, has become a science in its own right.

There are many reasons for eating…right? There are those who eat
because they are hungry, there are some who eat because they like a
particular food, there are those who eat to live and then there are
people who live to eat. Whatever the case, food forms the backdrop for
all and eating patterns speaks a lot about our mental and physical

Eating patterns are dictated by physical and emotional triggers. Your
physical eating patterns are dependent on your daily routine and work
timings. After a point, the body gets used to digesting food at a
particular time and if there is a change in this time then it might
lead to digestion-related problems.

Emotional eating patterns, on the other hand, are the dangerous kind.
Most people who gain weight are the ones who have given in to
emotional pressures. Eating patterns get disrupted by untimely and
wrong kinds of food.

Giving in to emotions affect eating patterns and can result in –

Digestive issues
The cravings are generally for junk food or high calorie foods
The “high” is temporary and it leaves one feeling drained and

How can one solve the dilemma of emotional eating patterns?

Well, the first thing to do is monitor your eating patterns.

Write down what you ate
What was your mood when you ate?
What were the circumstances that triggered that “mood”?
For how long did the emotional upheaval remain with you?

Once you have figured out what mood caused you to eat and eat and eat,
keep alert and the next time you ht that low patch, find some
alternate activity like going for a walk, have a bubble bath, listen
to some music, call someone to chat with. Don’t let food be your
friend philosopher and guide. That bucket of chocolate chip ice cream
love to attach to your hips and thighs, the first place we tend to put
on weight.

Go healthy

Okay… so you crave sugar glazed donuts and chocolate cake but these
are not going to help you. Try stocking your refrigerator and store
with healthy food. You may not be able to control your physical eating
patterns but you sure can control what goes in to your mouth. There
are lots of foods these days which not only take care of cravings;
they also ensure that you are getting the right nutrients.

Talk to your doctor about your eating patterns if you feel you will
not be able to do an honest and objective analysis. Rule out medical
problems that cause changes in regular eating patterns. Sometimes
serious medical conditions lead to physical and emotional changes in
eating patterns and these can aggravate the condition.

The aim of the whole “eating” exercise is to provide the body with
healthy nutrition so it can function optimally and without break-
downs. Our eating patterns are the cause of our health issues, be it
glowing skin or a sickly pallor, lots of energy as against constant
fatigue and so on.

Get your physical eating patterns and emotional eating patterns
analyzed and watch the weight fall off; watch you becoming a happier
and healthier individual able to take on whatever life cares to throw
your way.

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