Recover Right after Workouts

Recover Right after Workouts

Proper recovery is important to feeling great, keep soreness at bay,improve muscle density and stay injury free. I highly recommend after a workout a drink consisting of a 2-1 ratio of protein to carbs ratio.This helps prevent the hormone cortisol from breaking down muscle tissue.Post workout stretching and low impact cardio such as biking can also help in proper recovery. You can get a great organic whey protein at this link below

It is very important that you recover right after a workout. The activities you carry out after your work can impact greatly on your fitness gains and overall performance. So you just need to have a good fitness recovery plan.

Ways to recover right after an exercise

There are many methods in which athletes can follow to recover from their workouts, and I will just mention a few on them.


Resting is one of the best ways of recovering from an injury or illness and the same applies to after workouts. Your body can take care of itself if you give it the time to do so. Resting well after workouts allow the body to repair and recover lost ingredients naturally. So doing nothing can be the best recovery method.


If there is one thing to do after working out, it is gentle stretching.

This is a simple and amazing way to recover right after working out.You can find more information by reading Flexibility and Stretching.

Cooling Down

Cooling down does not mean stopping whatever you are doing completely,but rather slowing down your activities. Moving around at a slow pace helps in the removal of lactic acid in your muscles and stiffness.Warming up and cooling down are useful in cooler workout conditions.

Eating Properly

After exhausting your energy reserves during exercise, you have to replace them if you expect your body to recover. Eating foods that contain protein and simple carbohydrates right after a workout is the way to go. 30 grams of a whey protein mix with a banana are a perfect
after a workout meal. Now when I say after workout I mean right after like within 10 minutes. If you want to get the most out of it repeat

this mix every hour for three hours and your body will grow like crazy.

Replace Fluids

During exercise, you lose a lot of fluids and you ideally you have to replace them. Drink lots of water and juice after your workout as it will replace the fluids lost and nutrients in them. Fill up after exercising and not only will you reduce dehydration, but also increase your metabolic rate.

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