Reducing Abdominal Fat

Research have shown that abdominal fat is one of the most risky type of body fats. Slimming down in the belly area can reduce the chances of having illnesses like heart disease and diabetes. A fit and healthy tummy is the aim of many people but the real question is how to fight the belly flab.

Do not skip breakfast, the first meal of the day to kick-start your morning with an energy boost. Though not taking breakfast can decrease the calorie intake, you will find yourself hungry very quickly. In today’s society, sugar laden diets and highly processed food are the main causes of abdominal fat problems. To start to fight the belly flab, try not to take foods high in refined sugar and junk food. Learn to replace the junk food with better options. You can introduce fruits, whole grains and vegetables into the daily diet.

Not having sufficient sleep is something that you have to avoid when you are looking at losing that abdominal fat. Sleep is an important part of a weight loss plan. If you work late into the night, you will end up eating more as your body produces ghrelin when you are exhausted. Ghrelin will in turn trigger your body’s craving for sugar and food. Sleeping five hours or lesser a night will cause one to gain more weight as compared to people who have adequate sleep of between seven to eight hours. Not having enough sleep will cause the alteration of hormone production, resulting in insulin sensitivity which is the main contribution for belly fat. Having adequate sleep of at least seven to eight hours daily is crucial for people who wish to achieve a lean and flat belly.

Proper hydration is also essential during weight loss. Studies have shown that drinking a sufficient eight glasses of water a day can help in losing weight. Ample hydration can allow the body to get rid of toxins as well as makes you feel fuller when eating. Drinking enough water can keep the stomach calm for a longer period of time. Have a habit of drinking a glass of water every hour. This can help to curb your food cravings as it keeps your stomach full.

High intensity exercises can help in fighting abdominal flab. Exercise on a treadmill and set it at various speed levels from brisk walk to a slow but steady run. It is an intense exercise that can help you achieve your goal. Alternate between the two paces of walking and running. Food laden with fats and transfats are the types of food to avoid as it cause belly fat. You can use good fats to counter the bad ones. Consume foods that are rich in monounsaturated fats and Omega 3, these include avocados, soybeans, walnuts and salmon.

There are definitely no shortcuts to shed the fats at your belly. It takes lots of effort and hard work as well as a healthy and balanced diet to a slim and lean tummy.