Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal of The Day: Really?

Breakfast has long been pointed to by many as being the most important meal of the day. But is this just a myth passed down through the ages, or is there actual scientific verification for the statement that breakfast is important.

To understand more about this subject, it is good to realize what breakfast actually is. Breakfast is the meal which ‘breaks the fast’ which the body has experienced over night. A fast is a time when we give our body a rest from eating. In some cultures, people fast regularly to be sure that their bodies get a break, but night time (and sleeping) are the natural times for the body to do this. It’s not something that we have to build into our lifestyle! The first meal after that sleeping is usually, then, a meal which is taken fairly early in the morning and before we begin our day’s activities. It sets the scene for the body of what it is now expected to do. It kick starts, if you like, the metabolism. It signals the body to get ready for a new day. Continue reading Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal of The Day: Really?

Lose Belly Fat For Good

Belly fat is a cause of concern for millions around the world, and with right reason. Studies have shown people with tummies overflowing with belly fat are at a greater risk of developing heart disease, cancer and many others. However, this ‘pandemic’ can be greatly curbed if you make a pledge to follow an apt nutrition and fitness regimen. This regimen should be geared to improving overall fitness, rather than just focusing on a particular body part.

If you are getting panicky about becoming a replica of the Laughing Buddha, follow these steps to beat the flab and say adios to bloated bellies for good:

Maintain a balanced diet: And by that, I mean eat everything in moderation. Crash diets and popping diet pills have an adverse affect on your metabolism. The body needs ample nourishment from the right foods to keep itself healthy and free of disease. To begin losing belly fat start with some obvious villains such as trans fats (doughnuts, French fries, cream cookies, butter and candy bars) and high fructose corn syrup. These processed food substitutes wreck havoc on your quest for less belly fat. By reading labels you will become and expect at recognizing these culprits. Consume monounsaturated fats found in avocados, dark chocolate, nuts (raw almonds, walnuts, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds and hemp seeds) and olive oil. In addition to omega 3 oils – flaxseed, hempseeds, fish oil, instead.

That said, indulge in your favorite foods once in a while, but keep your focus on less sugar, processed foods and more belly fat fighting cruciferous vegetables (Broccoli, Cauliflower, brussel sprouts, and Cabbage), Citrus fruits, red raspberries and white meat. The effects of eating fatty, refined foods tend to show most around your tummy area, so always start with the food you put in your mouth. Continue reading Lose Belly Fat For Good

Do Fat Burning Supplements Part II

Below you will find common supplements used for fat

Now that ephedra is banned, caffeine and caffeine-containing
substances are by far the most popular ingredients used in
energy and fat-burning supplements. Caffeine is found in the
leaves, seeds, or fruits of at least five dozen plants, and common
food sources of caffeine include soda, coffee, and chocolate.
Most people are familiar with caffeine and what it does to the
body, including stimulating the central nervous system, raising
the heart rate, and increasing alertness. Although research has
demonstrated that caffeine is a thermogenic which increases fat
oxidation, caffeine taken by itself is unlikely to produce any
significant amount of real world fat loss. Caffeine is more
commonly used as an additive agent in thermogenic stacks, as
with ephedrine in the ephedrine-caffeine (EC) combination.
If you decide to use the caffeine in coffee as a natural
thermogenic, please use organic coffee if possible! Coffee is one
of the most pesticided and herbicided products in the world,
followed by cotton.

Guarana or kola nut is really just another name for caffeine.
Guarana is also known to treat diarrhea, decrease fatigue, curb
the appetite, and help with arthritis pain. Guarana also helps to
reduce hangovers from alcohol abuse and headaches during

Aspirin is often added to the ephedrine-caffeine stack
(collectively known as the ECA stack). Aspirin is a blood thinner,
which amplifies the effect of the thermogenics ephedrine and
caffeine. Aspirin is often listed as white willow bark extract,
from which it is derived. Ephedra and caffeine work
independently of aspirin, and excessive use of aspirin can be
harsh on the stomach lining.

The amino acid L-carnitine is used (and required) to release
energy from fat. Research shows that individuals who
supplement with L-carnitine while engaging in an exercise
regimen are less likely to experience muscle soreness.
You may see labels that list ‘acetyl’- L-carnitine. This version of
L-carnitine does basically the same thing as regular L-carnitine:
metabolize food into energy.

Although L-carnitine is often marketed as a fat burner and
included in many fat-burning supplements, the research is
conflicting and inconclusive. Real world results have not
matched the advertising hype. Furthermore, the dosages used
in many product formulations may be insufficient to elicit any
potential benefits. Continue reading Do Fat Burning Supplements Part II

Pooch Belly Syndrome : Ways to Get Rid Of It!

By David Grisaffi

QUESTION:Dear David,

I am 1.57m, 53kgs, Asian, 45 years old, 2 kids both Caesarian (and I am
wondering if this has anything to do with my abdominal problem). My diet
is fairly healthy, but I am not that strict because I love food, both
healthy and sinful. I don’t binge and have a pretty good control over my
cravings. I stir fry and eat a lot of veggies, rice, meat, fish, an
enormous amount of fruit, not a lot of bread but when I do it’s whole
grain. Not a lot of junk food either because I hate greasy food – maybe
twice a year if at all.

My food consumption is well within my daily quota of 2,200 calories per
day, if not less. I hate breakfast, so I drink one serving of whey
protein, a cappuccino and one banana.

For my workouts, I run, use an elliptical trainer because of my knees.
Sometimes I run sprints to get some aggression out of my system. My
cardio ranges from 40 to 60 minutes, burning an average of 500 cals if I
can believe the digital output, and I do an average of 3 hours cardio
per week.

Then I do various strength training, mostly upper and mid body since I
do a lot of running. I alternate so that I spend about 1.5 hours in the
gym depending on the rest intervals. In conclusion, I think I h ave a
sufficient deficit of 1500 calories per week at least.

The big question is: Why on earth can’t I seem to lose that bit of roll
on my tummy or get my stomach looking flat? I am highly motivated. I
like what I am doing and often come home feeling better than when I

Should I resign myself to the fact that two caesarian childbirths make
it impossible to get a nice flat (not even thinking of ripped) abdomen

Babe K.


I read through your e-mail, and noticed quite a few potential issues
that might be contributing to your frustration with your abdominal area.
If you address these issues properly, you may be pleasantly surprised
with the change in your body fat level and especially the muscle
development in your waistline.

I thought that these were such important issues, that I am going to
answer question in detail for the benefit of all our readers.

Obviously, two C-sections does not help and can make things more
challenging. One question I have is how much time was there between
childbirths? If it was less than two years, the physical structures
which contributed to childbirth may not have been repaired completely
before they were asked to do it again. Continue reading Pooch Belly Syndrome : Ways to Get Rid Of It!