Inflammation and Your Waistline

The first question to ask before being aware of the correlation between
inflammation and the a larger waistline is: What is inflammation?

Definition: Inflammation is the result of natural defense activities
undertaken by the white blood cells and cellular secretions called
cytokines in order to fight disease, injury, infection and irritation.

Symptoms:The most common symptoms of inflammation are swelling, heat,
pain and redness in all or some areas of the body. Also prevalent are
symptoms such as:
+    Indigestion – food intolerances and digestive problems causes
your gut to leak toxins back into your blood stream. This hampers fat
loss period.
+    Dry eyes
+    Weight gain – This is a very common side effect of inflammation.
+    Shortness of breath
+    Increase in allergic reactions

Why is inflammation bad?

When the natural balance of the immune system is disrupted, it tends to
go into overdrive; this is when our ‘good’ cells, which are crucial for
the optimum functioning of our bodies, are also attacked. This imbalance
results in many underlying factors, one of which is a bulky waistline.
Chronic inflammation has been linked to chronic diseases such as heart
disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, diabetes, and even obesity. The
latter case is where a bigger waistline is closely linked to

In a society where expanding waistlines are becoming more commonplace,
inflammation cases have increased and a huge percent of the population
does not even know that their weight issues are linked to this state!

Why the size of your waistline matters more than your overall weight?

Results published in Circulation magazine of a study conducted on 44,000
nurses established that elevated waistlines of women even with ‘normal
weight’, irrespective of BMI (Body Mass Index), placed them at a higher
risk of dying from heart disease than  women who were significantly
overweight, but had a narrower waistline to body weight ratio.

A waistline measurement of or exceeding 34.5 for a woman, and 40 for a
man, is considered the basis for abdominal obesity caused due to
waistlines which have not been kept in check thanks to a poor diet and
exercise routine.

Several clinical studies have shown that the incidence of inflammation
has been reduced drastically when a person’s waistline shrunk over time.
Abdominal fat is a glaring sign there could also be excessive fat build
up around your organs, which, in turn, is thanks to protein and hormone
releases caused due to toxic inflammation.

This leads us to survey how we should strive to maintain a svelte,
healthy and ‘tight’ waistline to ward off not just the fat, but also
stop the never-ending cycle that runs between chronic inflammation and a
bulging waistline.

Fast Food Nation
We are probably the unhealthiest species of modern man that ever lived.
Neanderthal Man would have had a laughing fit when he observed our diet
pumped with nothing but trans fats, gluten, refined carbs and sugars;
add to that, a largely sedentary lifestyle that only seems to make our
waistlines blow up like helium balloons.

Waistline measurement is a prime indicator of visceral fat, which should
be combated through a balanced diet comprising:
1.    Omega 3 fatty acids found in fish, walnuts and flaxseed; avoid
red meat.
2.    Fresh, ‘colorful’ fruits and vegetables such as your greens and
orange, red and yellow foods.
3.    Plenty of water, herbs and a cut down on caffeine and all the
bad foods – you know what they are.
The importance of exercise in this regard cannot be stressed upon
enough. More specifically, focus on exercises which tone down your
waistline, such as:
1.    Core conditioning exercises in Firm and Flatten Your Abs
2.    Interval Training
3.    Exercises and sports that depend on a lot of lateral movement,
like martial arts, hockey, soccer and basketball.

What else you can do

Apart from nourishing your body with good food and exercise, get enough
sleep and try to lead a stress free life.

It has been found that increased stress levels and inadequate sleep not
only encourage inflammation, but also boost the build up of fat in your
tummy area and contribute to a growing waistline.

So make sure you include some relaxation time in your routine, get good
sleep, eat healthy food and exercise properly; because when you do, you
can finally bid adieu to that generous waistline and to inflammation as

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