Raw Food Fundamental Nutrition Part 2

Raw food is gaining popularity with many individuals rightfully seeking better ways to increase health through food, while promoting greater harmony and sustainability among all people and the Earth.While this is a noble goal, one I aspire to participate in, this article points out some common misconceptions of raw food nutrition to assist in expanding your thinking and allow for more objectivity.

Raw foods are alive; however, many health educators and most nutritionist claim this is so because of the bioactive enzymes.While there is some truth to that statement, it is at best only half-truth.Raw foods not only contain bioactive enzymes but also bacteria.Most people are unaware of the fact that enzymes do not reproduce, breath, or eat. Therefore, enzymes are not alive!This is an important misconception.Raw foods are alive mainly because of the activity of bacteria.

Enzymes essentially are protein structures that act as keys to unlock nutrients by disassembling food into smaller particles for digestion to take place by trillions of bacteria.Imagine placing your car key in the ignition and the engine turns on.Just because the engine is now “alive” doesn’t mean the key is alive. Processing food by heat, freezing, dehydration and chemicals changes the shape and structure of enzymes.The enzymes are no longer able to fit properly into the ignition situated on cell membranes. Continue reading Raw Food Fundamental Nutrition Part 2

Fundamental Concepts of Raw Food Nutrition: Part 1

By Dan Hegerich

The cookbooks of life have been created to entertain you, not
necessarily nourish you.  Because we have drifted so far away from
nature’s laws we have no reference point for what foods support or
detract from our health.  30-minute meals replace sound human nutrition
for quick fixes, but they create a deficit to our nutritional bank
account.  A quick “bam” of cayenne only adds entertainment value, while
the nutrition is burned in the hell and heat of cooking.  Gourmet chefs
prepare food for pleasure and entertainment; human nutrition and
physiology are not on their menu.

The first course in this meal is the basic concepts of honest nutrition
that I established to lift me up out of the dis-eases of modern living.
Now in my home, raw food is on the menu and I use it as a main course to
absolute health and healing.

When you hear diet you might think of only food and beverage.  But that
is only one component of diet.  Diet is everything you put in your eyes,
ears, nose, mouth, on your skin and hair (because your skin absorbs up
to 80% of what you put on your skin), and in any other orifice.  Diet is
everything you take into your mind and body.  It can come exogenously
(from outside of yourself) or endogenously (from within, as in your
thoughts or chemical byproducts from metabolism such as carbon dioxide).
Your life-diet is everything you have consumed in mind and body over
your entire lifetime.  What you see, hear, listen to, smell, breath, and
eat will either nourish you mal-nourish you (take vitality away).

Life doesn’t stand still.  It is either moving towards health and
vitality or towards death and disease.  And you are the doctor writing a
prescription for life or death with every thought, word or action.
Nutrition is the quality of life.  Therefore, nutrition is directly
related to the quality of raw materials that you feed your soul, mind
and body.

Regarding food stuff, the following components make up the whole
nutrients to nourish our whole self:

•    Sun light
•    Moon light
•    Air
•    Water
•    Soil that contain micro-organisms, bacteria, parasites, molds,
yeasts and fungi
•    Macro-nutrients of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates
•    Micro-nutrients of vitamins, minerals, and phyto-nutrients
(pigments or colors of foods)
•    Farmers’ attitudes

These are the fundamental nutrients that make up the fundamental
elements of life.  When consumed, these nutrients then become the
efficient byproduct of the metabolic process required to extract,
synthesize, and deliver energy with the least amount of effort and waste
byproducts.  Efficiency is one of nature’s basic laws.  Think of a
really hot fire with really dry hard wood and sufficient air
circulation.  Very little ash or soot remains because of the heat and
quality of the wood.  Burn green, wet and sappy wood and you get lots of
smoke and wood tars that fill the air and leave a very sticky resin that
hardens when cooled.  Food stuff will do a similar thing in your body,
relative to the quality of the food and efficiency of your digestive
system. To achieve health you have to stoke the fire with foods that

So why would we want to nourish our cells? Might seem like a dumb
question and maybe a better question would be why would we want to mal-
nourish our cells? According to Dr. Bill Timmins’ definition of disease,
the first stage of bodily disorder (disease) is the deviation from
homeostasis or inner balance due to a deficiency and an excess
(toxicity). The natural yearning of all organisms is to return to the
state of relative inner balance-The Garden of Eden.  The organism begins
to experience discomfort as a messenger to the owner, you.  If you
ignore this discomfort, and the organism’s true needs are not met, then
it progresses to the next stage where changes are now harming the DNA.
This progresses until the tension turns to pain, and you begin to feel
real symptoms and enter into stage four deviations from honest health,
homeostasis.  This built-up tension into pain and disease is diagnosable
and it arises into our consciousness.

When in stage four, we can no longer deny the yearning of the organism.
We can no longer hide our discomforts and we seek palliative services
to reduce or eliminate the symptoms or we self-medicate or sugar-coat
the pain with the sweet things in life.  If you don’t do anything about
it you are heading to stage five, death!  Cells are dying faster than
your body can reproduce healthy, vital cells.  Organs are weakened,
systems begin to fail and your spirit prepares to leave the body.  This
can go on for many years as people become among the walking dead,
living outside of the body until the stress of life is over.  Just look
at the type of food you consume, how you are eating and how well you
rationalize your addictions.  That will let you know the amount of
suffering you try to silence.  Your body cannot lie.

Diet and disease are married just as nutrition and health are married.
Both are a lifestyle choice.  How you live determines disease or
health. The foods you eat, how that food is prepared and how you eat
them can assist or hinder this healthy healing process of returning to
inner homeostasis.  Raw foods provide all the nutrients and elements of
life required for you to thrive.  They adhere to nature’s laws and are
unadulterated; that is cooked, dehydrated, frozen, irradiated, combined
with chemicals, or genetically modified in any way.  All processed
foods, organic or not, are manufactured by man’s laws.  Man’s laws are
filled with controversy and greed; greed for money, power, fame, and
lust.  Nature’s laws have no controversy, her love is unconditional.

When you start to add heat to your food you enter into a scientific lab
where new molecules are formed.  The scientific community at large
agrees that when you cook food, you begin to lose nutrients or create a
deficiency of the whole.  Additionally, you create numerous chemically
toxic byproducts such as:
•    Acrylamides from cooked and baked starches
•    Heterocyclic amines from cooked proteins
•    Lipid peroxides from cooked fats,
•    Advanced glycation end-products (AGE’s) formed from the
metabolic combustion of raw natural and/or cooked sugars and starch
•    Trans fatty acids

Cooking foods disrupts and alters the size, shape and chemistry of the
molecules.  When you consume cooked foods, white bloods cells flood the
digestive track in an attempt to neutralize the toxic soup.
Furthermore, the water content in raw food is 100% usable, while cooking
reduces this to 8% so you crave and need water all the time.  You also
need that water to help dilute the toxic effects of cooking.  On a raw
food diet rich in usable water and raw fats, the body requires minimal
to no additional water.

At the very least, cooked food creates an imbalance by creating a
deficiency and toxicity.  This is literally disease by definition.  That
is why you are always looking for more food and constantly needing
something to fulfill the yearning of the organism to return back to the
state of inner-balance. Cravings can become unbearable as we fill our
outer and inner-life with empty possessions and ‘comfort food’ to give
us the impression we are fulfilled, content or satisfied.   This is an
illusion.  Is our world, culture or home life in harmony?  Is it
reasonable to consider that your outer-world reflects your inner-world?

Nature only seeks balance, interconnectedness, and harmony.  When you
consume food according to nature, you move towards balance and harmony.
When you eat foods according to man, you eat separateness and greed.
When I consume cooked food it is usually with the intent to slow down my
detoxification/healing process because I am creating more energy than I
am able to handle (think of it as running down a steep hill too quickly,
you become afraid of falling and put on a natural braking response).
Thus, the cooked food will utilize some of that energy and allow me to
manage my healing.  Excess energy is excess energy; the body doesn’t
judge it as good or bad energy.  That is the meaning behind the Chinese
saying “extreme joy produces sorrow.”  Excess energy needs to move
freely through the organism.  This is why riots often take place in a
city after a sports team wins the championship. They need release for
the “joy” that seeks expression.   Take a look at what these sports fans
put down their mouths during a game, cooked and processed foods and
beverages.  Celebrating victory and life can be harmonious if we begin
to live accordingly.

To summarize:

•    Diet is everything you take or put into your mind/body.
•    Not all diets are nourishing
•    Disease is really a disorder of imbalance in which your body is
deficient and toxic or  something in your life is missing and something
in your life must go
•    Health and healing is living to experience inner balance and
express unconditional love
•    Life doesn’t stand still
•    Raw food leads you towards wholeness and aliveness
•    Cooked and processed food leads you towards death and disease
•    You are the doctor and with your free will choose how you want
to experience life and express love
•    How you choose to live and love directly affects everyone around
you and indirectly affects all of life

In part two, I will expand on raw vs. cooked food and discuss a Vegan
vs. Carnivore approach to food.  To whet your appetite, consider that
much of the Vegan/Vegetarian community base their lifestyle on spiritual
and religious philosophies, while the Carnivore/Omnivore community
relies on anthropological and evolutionary philosophies.
Until I write again, keep your body tuned up and your soul tuned in.