Discover The Secrets Of Abdominal Workouts And The Right Diet For A Well-Toned Stomach

By David Grisaffi

A flat stomach is a prized possession however it does come at a cost! A well-toned stomach is a stomach that gives you confidence and physical appeal. It makes you the subject of envy and at the same time the epitome of a fit and healthy body. However, a flat stomach needs your attention and care. Regular abdominal workouts and the right diet are the secrets to a wonderful abdomen. Both are hard to invest in however once you invest in them you get long term returns for a lifetime!

As mentioned above the right abdominal workouts and diet go hand in hand. Abdominal workouts need to be done on a regular and dedicated basis. Be it the gym or just simple home workouts these exercises central the core of the body and target strengthening your mid-section. Abdominal workouts include anything from the simple cardiovascular exercises like walking, running, sprinting or cycling to the sophisticated machine based gym training sessions.

There are many people who will advise to be on the low fat diet that is in reality a high carbohydrate diet. These low fat diets actually do not help at all. They are effective in burning fat and muscle tissue for a limited period and do not yield any long term results. The above low carbohydrate diet is the only diet that will burn the excess fat that is present in the abdomen and help in reducing the belly fat. The low fat diet will not help you as effectively and it also has the disadvantages of slowing down the metabolism in a person.

Apart from the above two important factors you also have to follow a healthy lifestyle. You must sleep well to ensure that your body functions properly. A good sleep helps you to relax tired muscles and enhances the functions of body organs. It is wise to sleep early and get up early. This helps the body to respond positively to the abdominal workouts that you are doing for getting a well-toned stomach. In order to reduce stress you can go in for regular body massages and facials to soothe tired muscles.

Most Americans do not have the time for exercise however this nonchalant attitude towards health will prove costly and dear in the long run. Fitness is something that escapes like time and you cannot hold on to fitness once lost. You need to regular exercise and ensure that you do not skip your sessions at all. Stomach fat leads to obesity and this in turn leads to life threatening diseases that engulf you for life.

Thus, from the above that it is evident that if you are on the lookout for a well-toned stomach you should couple all your abdominal workouts with the right nutrition to get the best results. A strict adherence to both will produce the results that you are looking for and give you the perfect set of abdomens. All you need to do is exercise regularly sleep well and eat right!

Why Almost Everyone Is Wrong About Stomach Exercises And Abdominal Muscles

By David Grisaffi,
Firm And Flatten Your Abs

“Stomach exercise” is the most frequently asked about and searched on (via internet) yet misunderstood subject in the entire field of health, fitness and exercise. And it’s no wonder. Regardless of age, experience or gender, everyone wants a flat “stomach” because the abdominal region is the true showcase of your physique. Since the abs are usually the last place to “shape up” and “lean out,” then most people would say that if you’ve got abs, you’ve got it all.

Well, in my way of thinking, this is only partially true. There’s more to a complete physique than “abdominal exercises” and “six pack abs” and most people are completely wrong about “stomach exercises” and “”stomach muscles.” (you’ll find out why in just a moment)…

The Difference Between “6-Pack Abs” And Truly “Fit Abs”

Having a great looking set of abs is very much a matter of low body fat. But make no mistake, just being lean and seeing a “six-pack” doesn’t mean you are strong, fit or conditioned. Real fitness means more than visible muscle development, it means strength, endurance, and stability, and this type of true functional fitness does not come from merely eating the right foods or reducing your body fat.

Nutrition is so important that you could even say that “abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym” and you would not be telling a lie. But this clever maxim is not telling the whole truth either. Great abs come from nutrition AND training, not one or the other. The training develops them. The nutrition uncovers them.

Don Juan Ponce de Leon arrived in America in 1493 looking for a fountain of youth and today in the “stomach exercise” marketplace, it seems that far too many people are looking for a “magic fountain” in order to flatten their waistlines.

Ponce never found the fountain of youth and you will never find a magical solution for flat abs. There are no short cuts. It takes a change in lifestyle to get a change in health, physique and performance. That includes nutrition AND training.

There’s No Such Thing As “Stomach Exercises”

this is your stomach
THIS is your stomach!

Proper choice of exercise is a critical factor in your quest for a firm and flat waistline. But you will never get a great “stomach” from ANY “stomach exercise” because your stomach is a part of your digestive tract, not your skeletal muscular system! So let’s get the terminology straight, shall we?

The area of you body you really want to improve is called your “core region.”Many people refer to it as the “abdominal region.” However, training only with “ab exercise” is NOT the optimal approach.

The abdominals only include the front (anterior) side of your body and if the only type of training you do is abdominal training, you may be unwittingly setting yourself up for lower back problems. If you don’t think this is serious, then consider this statistic:

According to the American Chiropractic Association, more than 31 million Americans are suffering from low back pain at any given time.

So would you like to trade great abs for a bad back?

I didn’t think so. The good news is that you can kill two birds with one stone. You can develop great abdominal muscles, great core muscles and a strong, pain-free back by using exercises that focus not on the “stomach,” (which is not a muscle you train at all), not on the “abdominals,” (which is only part of the muscles you need to target), but on the entire core.

The core is the key to your success.

The core is the entire complex of muscles around your hip and waist region from your lower rib cage to the bottom of your pelvis. If you just focus on “abdominal exercises” alone (or “stomach” exercises, LOL), you will develop what I refer to as a “one dimensional body.” I focus on training the body as a whole, or “multi-dimensional training” to develop a complete person and to develop effective and powerful athletes.

What every program I write has in common is that I do not attempt to “isolate” the abdominals (or train the “stomach muscles!”) It’s all about the core and about integrating your body as a unit so you function better in daily life.

As you do core-focused exercise programs you not only train your muscular system but also the system that drives your muscular system – that is, the nervous system. This may very well be the most important secret for getting better results in your workout programs.

The more efficiently your nervous system works, the better your results will be. Core workouts that improve both muscular strength and conditioning while also improving neural drive will develop stronger neural control of the associated muscles.

This type of training for your core may very well be the most important secret for getting better results in your workout programs.

  • THIS is why my “brand” of core training gets results in women who have had C-sections, or other abdominal surgeries when nothing else worked
  • THIS is why the core exercises I recommend will flatten out a “pooching” belly, which is a result of deep muscular weakness and lack of neuromuscular control (It’s NOT just a body fat problem!)
  • THIS is why my clients have overcome agonizing lower back pain when all else failed
  • THIS is why my workout program have helped men and women recover from embarrassing incontinence
  • THIS is how I have helped hundreds of new moms regain their flat and firm midsections after having their babies
  • THIS is why my clients remain injury free, while so many other training programs are actually the CAUSE of injuries
  • And THIS is why my type of training – PROGRESSIVE CORE TRAINING – develops amazing athletes – top wresters, PGA golfers, and pro boxers with powerful punches and abs of steel.

The purpose of this article was not to give more workout routines (I’ve written an entire book about core training that’s FULL of workouts (Firm And Flatten Your Abs) and there’s plenty of Free sample workouts to be found on this site and lots more to come in upcoming issues of my newsletter. The purpose of this article was to “install” 3 incredibly important lessons into your brain:

  • You can’t train your “stomach” because your stomach is an internal organ of digestion not a skeletal muscle!
  • You can’t totally “isolate” your abdominals because your abdominals do not work in isolation, they work in conjunction with the rest of your body (and “isolation” as with only doing crunches, is not the optimal approach anyway).
  • You get more by training your core! You become a better athlete, you help prevent injuries, you get stronger and you get that coveted 6-pack abs look.

I hope the “morals” of these lessons have already sunk in and will become a part of your own fitness philosophy… and the next time you hear someone talk about “stomach exercises”, you’ll now be able to get a good chuckle out of that.

Coach David Grisaffi,
Tacoma Washington

Expansion Sit-Backs – Amazingly Effective Abdominal Exercise

Expansion Sit-Backs – Another Amazingly Effective Abdominal Exercise

You’ ve Probably Never Done Before (Video Article)
By David Grisaffi


There are literally hundreds of abdominal exercise you can choose from.
Not only that, most ab exercises have multiple variations which allow
for progression through increasing levels of difficulty. With such a
wide range of exercise to choose from it’s a shame that so many people
keep repeating the same boring workouts over and over again.

If you’re not changing your exercises regularly (continually challenging
yourself with more advanced movements as your strength increases), then
you’re on your way to staleness, boredom and progress plateaus. If you
want to keep improving your abs, week after week, then here is another
new abdominal exercise to add to your repertoire: Expansion Sit Backs.

I have had advised against over-dependence on the traditional sit up for
many years. Regular sit ups put too much pressure on your low back by
using your hip flexors and hamstrings to perform almost 2/3 of the work.

This over-tightens these muscles, pulling your pelvis forward and
eventually leading to low back pain.

If you want a six pack, take a pass on the standard sit up, if for no
other reason, than because there are better choices.

If you could swap out your old sit ups with a new exercise that could
minimize hip flexor and hamstring involvement, maximize abdominal
contraction and develop better abs without low back pain, would you do
it? Of course you would. And I have just the exercise for this – the
Expansion Sit Back. This exercise is not only a favorite of mine, it’s
also backed up by many EMG studies that compare hip flexor and abdominal
activation. The latest study coming out of Canada indicated that this
exercise produced the greatest abdominal activation while minimizing
flexor activation. Continue reading Expansion Sit-Backs – Amazingly Effective Abdominal Exercise