The Benefits Of Walking And Drinking Water

So many people struggle with their weight. Whether its just a few pounds they need to lose or much more, it seems that weight loss is on the minds of more than half of the population at any given time. There are countless ads everywhere you look on how to effectively lose weight. No matter if it’s on television, the internet or billboards on the highway, you will see products and gyms that are so quick to promise you the results you’ve been waiting for, if you just try what they have to offer.

Truthfully, it isn’t as complicated as some would have you belief. It is by no means easy but it is completely doable with the implementation of two key things: water and walking. Both of these things used together will definitely have you seeing significant changes in your weight. You don’t need to shell out tons of money for diet products, special foods or gym memberships. Water and walking will quickly have you on your way to losing body fat and reducing your weight. Continue reading The Benefits Of Walking And Drinking Water

Accelerate Fat Burning

Accelerate Fat Burning

Increase metabolism with super-sets for extra fat burning and blasting. Doing super-sets will increase the rate at which you can burn calories by as much as 13 %. Super-sets are a series of exercises done back to back, or one after the other with no rest period in between.  If done properly this exercise sequence can keep your body burning calories up to 16 hours later.

Do Squat Jumps over a 12 inch step with a T Push Up.

Do them each for 30 seconds one after the other then rest 1 minute and repeat 3-4 units

In this article I will give you a simple and easy to follow methods on how to accelerate fat burning.

Drink Lots of Water

You have probably heard it a million times that drinking water is very important. Water has multitudes of benefits and it also increases the muscle build up in the body and your overall appearance.

Water Increases your strength and performance in the gym

Study has shown that dehydration, even the slightest amount of it can cause a decrease in your strength and physical performance greatly. Actually a 3% drop in your body’s water content will lead to a 15-20% decrease in the muscle contractions. When undergoing intense training sessions, it is very important that your strength and energy levels are very high.

Water Helps in Injury Prevention

When you train hard in the gym over a long period using whatever equipment available, stress can be put on your joints and connecting tissues. Water helps fight and alleviate this by lubricating the joints for easy movement and for the formation of a protective layer around them.

Water Increases Fat Burning Metabolism

The liver has one of the roles of metabolizing fat in the body. The liver also helps the kidney flush out toxic substances through urine. When you decrease your water intake, this causes the liver and kidney to work extra hard to clear this out and it can be of course a strain to them. A decrease in water will cause a decrease in fat burning.

Super Setting Workouts

Using super sets in a workout is beneficial in accelerating fat burning. If you are ready for change then super-sets will do it for you alongside with plenty of water.