YES! I want just the firm and flatten your abs basic edition (e-book + 5 bonus reports). I understand that I will get everything in the Flatten Your Abs basic package including the Flatten Your Abs ebook, and all 5 bonus reports: (1) stretching and flexibility success secrets, (2) David Grisaffi’s walking guide, (3) modern diet secrets revealed, (4) yoga stress relievers, and (5) Eliminate low back pain. I understand that the ebook and bonus reports are all instant downloads, so I can get started ASAP!


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Upgrade To The Firm and Flatten Your Abs Deluxe Edition Today And You Also Get Two Great Bonus E-books!

Since you are ordering today, you have the opportunity to upgrade to the Firm and Flatten Your Abs Deluxe Edition, which includes the Firm and Flatten Your abs ebook and bonus reports you just read on the home page, plus these two extra bonus E-books:

MISSION ABDOMINALS is an eye-opening new interview by David Grisaffi, the "Abs Guru", with Tom Venuto, the "Fat Loss Guru." It has been professionally transcribed, designed and edited into a 54-page PDF e-book format (suitable for printing), and it has tons of great information about nutrition, supplements, weight training, cardio, core training, abdominal exercise and a lot more. Here's a small sample of what you'll find inside:

  • Why you are being given totally conflicting abdominal training advice even from qualified, certified trainers and how to know whose advice to listen to

  • The 7 red flags that instantly expose diet and weight loss frauds that could save you a fortune in money and a lifetime in effort

  • Why Hoodia Gordonii is so hyped and what the scientific research reveals about this popular supplement

  • The truth behind the cellulite scams, what cellulite really is, and how to get rid of it )

  • Secrets to breaking fat loss plateaus ñ including when you should actually work out less in order to burn fat more!

  • 9 exercises that will increase your core strength and balance out your abdominal development while preventing injury at the same time

  • The 4 critical factors you must know when deciding what type of cardio to use for maximum fat loss

For anyone who has ever been ìscammedî or ìtakenî by bogus supplements, diets or exercise gimmicks, or for anyone who is confused after hearing conflicting advice about cardio, abdominal exercise or nutrition, then Mission Abdominals is an absolute must-read.

After reading Mission Abdominals, you will understand not only how to avoid gimmicks and rip offs, but also how to slash your body fat level and develop great abs that will be admired and envied on the beach, at the pool or in the gym.


This is a perfect complement to the Firm and Flatten Your Abs Program. It is an excellent program for you to elevate your training to the top. It was devised by David Grisaffi for his professional athletes (one of them was a contestant on the contender boxing show) This new program will challenge anyone who has completed the Firm and Flatten Your Abs Program. It is professionally designed and edited in an easy to read PDF e-book (suitable for printing).

This Power Packed E-book contains... 

  • How to set up your routine, warming up correctly, how to exercise and maintain proper posture Plus Exercise safety

  • How to avoid training failure

  • Isolation Vs Integration exercises (you need to know this for success)

  • What does cardio have to do with flat abs?

  • Integrating Training with Nutrition for flat, washboard abs

  • What days do you really need to workout?

  • And much much more

My routine base program is designed around sets and reps and this method is extremely effective for training the abs, but CIRCUIT TRAINING for the abs and core goes even beyond! This circuit training routine will have you losing body fat as fast as possible in addition to getting a slimmer flat core region. So get yourself a copy today!

YES! I want the Firm and Flatten Your Abs deluxe edition (ebook + 5 bonus reports + 2 Bonus E-books). I understand that I will get everything in the Firm and Flatten Your Abs basic package AND I will also get BOTH of these new E-books. I understand that the ebook and bonus reports are all instant downloads, so I can get started ASAP!